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Lethal Company Secret Commands

These secret commands add an element of discovery and exploration to the game, encouraging players to experiment with different inputs in the Terminal to uncover hidden content or messages.

Lore Entry Commands:

Typing words that start with the first three letters of a lore entry you haven’t found will result in a corrupted or overwritten error message.

Creature Entry Commands:

Typing the first three letters of a creature entry you haven’t found yet will prompt a message stating that no data has been collected on the creature, and a scan is required.

Incorrect Command:

If you misspell or type any command incorrectly, you will receive a unique message indicating that you typed the command wrong.

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Computer Terminal Commands


This command provides a list of planets (moons) you can visit, including the Company Building. Type the command, then enter the name of the moon you want to travel to, followed by “confirm” or “C.”

Vow, Experimentation, Assurance, Offense, Company Building (or Com), March, Rend, Dine, Titan:

These are likely specific locations or actions you can perform within the game. Typing these words and confirming in the terminal may trigger corresponding events.


Use this command to see a list of items you can buy in the game. To make a purchase, type the item’s name and confirm. If you change your mind, type “Deny.” To get information on an item, type the item’s name followed by “info.”


This command opens a menu where you can find information about various monsters in the game. Type “Bestiary” to open the menu, and then enter the monster’s name to get details.

View Monitor:

This command displays a radar map of a selected player. Type “View Monitor” to see the map, and if you want to switch to another player, type “Switch.”


Use this command to display all items on the moon you are visiting. Simply type “Scan” and hit enter in the terminal.


This command plays a sound when you place a Radar Booster near a Main Entrance. Type “Ping” followed by the name of the Radar to activate it. For example, “Ping Freddy” or “Ping Brody” will ping the Radar Booster.


How to Use Terminal Commands?

  • Open the Terminal:Press the ‘E’ key to access the Terminal in the game.
  • Type Commands:Once in the Terminal, you can control the game by typing specific commands.
  • Access Features:To perform actions like accessing the Store, Bestiary, or Storage, type the corresponding command into the console.
  • Hit Enter:After typing a command, press the ‘Enter’ key to execute it.

Lethal Company

“Lethal Company” stands out as a captivating cooperative horror game, hitting the shelves on Steam on October 24, 2023. This game beckons players into a shared venture, where collaborative efforts are key to overcoming challenges and confronting spine-chilling horrors. As a game entrenched in the horror genre, it promises an immersive experience characterized by suspense and fear, offering gamers an enticing blend of thrill and cooperative adventure.

The release on Steam expands the horizons for players, inviting them to immerse themselves in a world teeming with enigmas, monstrous entities, and the pulse-quickening ambiance synonymous with the horror gaming genre. The game’s emphasis on cooperative play not only deepens the sense of camaraderie but also intensifies the adrenaline rush as players navigate through the unknown. With its strategic release date and promising features, “Lethal Company” positions itself as a must-play for those seeking a collaborative, suspenseful, and thoroughly thrilling gaming experience.

Lethal Company Gameplay

“Lethal Company” offers an engaging gaming experience where a group of up to four players collaborates to explore abandoned buildings on various moons. The game presents players with the decision to stick together for safety or venture alone to accomplish tasks, injecting an element of strategy and suspense. The excitement unfolds through exploration, discovery of valuable items, and confronting eerie situations in these dangerous lunar environments.

The blend of cooperative exploration and individual decision-making enhances the game’s appeal, creating a dynamic experience where teamwork is crucial, yet the choice to go solo adds an extra layer of suspense. Navigating through the mysterious and spooky settings, players must make smart decisions, heightening the thrill of facing the unknown. In essence, “Lethal Company” is a captivating mix of camaraderie, strategic choices, and the exhilaration of unraveling mysteries in a haunting lunar landscape.

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