Kimberly Perry – ‘Superbloom’ album review

GRAMMY Award-winning singer-songwriter Kimberly Perry has unveiled her latest musical masterpiece, ‘Superbloom,’ a captivating project that expands upon the themes explored in June’s acclaimed ‘Bloom’ EP. (Our review of that EP can be found here) Perry’s creative journey has not only birthed this extraordinary EP but also a series of visually stunning vibe Films accompanying tracks like ‘God’s Hometown,’ ‘Black Corvette,’ and ‘Monsters (Whit’s Lullaby).’ You can also read our interview with Kimberly from earlier in the year here too.

Earlier this year, Perry made significant strides in her solo career, signing with RECORDS Nashville/Columbia Records as a solo country artist and securing a global publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music and Songs & Daughters Publishing. She marked her solo artist debut at Nashville’s esteemed Grand Ole Opry before enchanting audiences at this year’s CMA Fest.

‘Superbloom’ stands as a testament to Perry’s personal and professional evolution since the inception of her music career. The album embodies a delicate balance of profound life lessons and wistful reflections, inspired by her growth as an individual and her experiences as a first-time mother. This release marks Perry’s debut as a solo country artist, paying homage to her younger self while embracing the confidence and wisdom gained in this new phase of her artistic journey.

In describing this transformative chapter, Perry shared, “A Superbloom in nature is gorgeous, sudden, and rare. This year, releasing my first solo music and becoming a mama, my life has blossomed in so many colorful ways. Extending Bloom with these 4 new songs to create Superbloom feels like I’m telling my full story and covering all the seasons that have unfolded in my life over the past couple of years. With this body of work complete, I can’t wait to get on the road and bring these songs to life night after night.”

Superbloom’ is a poignant musical journey that encapsulates the essence of her personal and artistic evolution. You can read our review of the original EP right here so we’ll now concentrate on the new tracks. In ‘Fools Gold’ Perry delves into the pitfalls of chasing fame and a different sound in the glittering streets of Los Angeles. With a backdrop of infectious banjo and fiddle melodies, she warns against the dangers of hitching one’s wagon to the wrong aspirations. The song serves as a powerful anthem of rebirth, marking Perry’s return to her Tennessee roots and original musical style. The lyrics, “The worst kind of heartbreaks are self-inflicted,” resonate deeply, emphasizing the vulnerability and authenticity embedded in her music.

‘Black Corvette,’ meanwhile, showcases Perry’s prowess in blending funky rhythms with plaintive fiddle tunes. The song’s bombastic chorus, coupled with audacious instrumentation, harks back to the glory days of The Band Perry. Perry sings with unmatched passion, breathing life into the analogy of aspirations and dreams wrapped up in a car. The track emanates a dramatic aura, leaving an indelible mark on the listener. If we’re talking inedible marks, we need to talk about ‘God’s Hometown.’ Here Perry has crafted a melodic masterpiece, painting a vivid picture of a better world amidst broken hearts, lies, and guns. The song’s chugging guitars and heartfelt lyrics create a captivating atmosphere whilst Perry’s soaring vocals express a longing for solace and belonging, epitomised in the line, “Nobody locks their doors in God’s hometown.” The track is a testament to her storytelling prowess and musical ingenuity.

“Monsters (Whit’s Lullaby)” takes a deeply personal turn as Perry addresses her newborn child, Whit. This heartfelt lullaby, accompanied by acoustic guitars, reflects Perry’s unwavering love and determination to protect her child from life’s demons. The song’s optimism shines through as Perry reassures Whit, “All the nightmares laid to rest, ain’t no monsters under the bed.” The track bears a striking resemblance to The Band Perry’s classic “End of Time,” both in terms of sound and style, showcasing Perry’s ability to weave a comforting narrative through her music.

‘Superbloom’ is a testament to Kimberly Perry’s artistic maturity and emotional depth. Through introspective lyrics and masterful instrumentation, Perry invites listeners into her world, capturing the essence of vulnerability, hope, and resilience. Each track on the album stands as a testament to Perry’s musical & lyrical prowess, making ‘Superbloom’ a must-listen for fans of heartfelt country music.

Credit: RECORDS Nashville

Tracklist: 1. Fool’s Gold 2. Black Corvette 3. God’s Hometown 4. Monsters (Whit’s Lullaby) 5. If I Die Young Part 2 6. Burn the House Down 7. Cry at Your Funeral 8. Ghosts 9. Smoke ‘Em Too Record Label: RECORDS Nashville Release Date: 27th October Buy ‘Superbloom’ right here.

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