Dan Davidson – ‘Nineteen Eighty Something’ EP review

Canadian Country singer Dan Davidson, hailing from Alberta, has marked his territory in the music industry with an impressive track record of over 30 million global streams. Prior to his solo success, Davidson spent nearly a decade as a member of the renowned Canadian indie rock band Tupelo Honey. The band achieved significant milestones, including multiple top 40 hits, best-selling records on iTunes, and memorable tours alongside acts like Bon Jovi.

In 2016, Davidson made a grand entrance into the Canadian country music scene with the release of his second single, “Found,” a collaboration with Clayton Bellamy of The Road Hammers. This song quickly ascended the charts, propelling Davidson to the coveted position of being the #1 indie artist in Canada. “Found” not only claimed the top spot on Canadian country music charts but also held the title of the best-selling Canadian country song for several weeks. Its phenomenal success was validated with a Platinum certification in Canada.

Since his breakthrough, Davidson has been a consistent presence in the Canadian country music landscape, earning recognition and accolades. His achievements include an impressive tally of 7 CCMA Award nominations, 10 ACMA awards, and multiple Top 20 hits in both Canada and Australia. Through his talent and dedication, Davidson continues to shine as one of Canada’s most accomplished independent exports in the country music genre. We most recently spoke to him after his appearance in London at this year’s C2C festival and you can read that interview right here.

‘Nineteen Eighty Something’ is a vibrant and infectious musical journey that seamlessly blends the nostalgia of the 80s with modern country sensibilities. The album kicks off with ‘He Met a Girl,’ an uptempo track infused with 80s pop elements and country nuances. The infectious production, complete with the quintessential 80s drum sound and banjo overlays, sets the tone for what’s to come.

‘Throwback’ continues the nostalgic vibe, transporting listeners back to the era of Polaroids and vintage leather jackets. The marriage of 80s drum beats, bass, synth, and country guitars creates a sonic landscape reminiscent of iconic 80s soundtracks. Davidson’s vocals channel a blend of Bryan Adams and Keith Urban, underscored by the rhythmic Stock, Aitken and Waterman classic Pop drum sound.

‘After Hours’ takes the energy up a notch, combining Keith Urban’s contemporary country style with the spirit of an 80s rock star. The track exudes vitality, with expansive drum beats and synth keys driving Davidson’s passionate lyrics about being fully committed in a budding relationship.

‘If These Streets Could Talk’ slows down the pace, offering an atmospheric mid-tempo experience. The song’s big synth sound and 80s drum rolls create an evocative backdrop for Davidson’s nostalgic journey, as he reminisces about old flames and long-lost love. The track captures the essence of artists like Rick Springfield and Peter Cetera, with a touch of Michael Bolton’s early sound.

‘Spirit of 17,’ meanwhile, stands out as the album’s highlight, featuring lyrics that celebrate the carefree days of youth. The song’s infectious chorus, coupled with great guitar solos, synth keyboards, and lively gang vocals, encapsulates the spirit of the 1980s. It’s a track designed for hot summer nights, car rides with the windows down, and the exhilarating feeling of freedom and youth.

Closing the album with a bang, ‘Won’t Forget’ opens with a banjo-driven urgency reminiscent of country anthems. The song’s theme of seizing the day is accentuated by the energetic guitars, banjos, and fiddles, creating a lively atmosphere akin to an Irish drinking song. It’s a track that promises to ignite live performances, encouraging listeners to dance and sing along.

Dan Davidson’s ‘Nineteen Eighty Something’ is a unique fusion of 80s nostalgia and contemporary country music. With its infectious melodies, vibrant production, and heartfelt lyrics, the album captures the essence of a bygone era while remaining undeniably relevant in today’s music landscape. Davidson’s ability to seamlessly blend these elements showcases his musical prowess, making this album a must-listen for fans of both classic 80s tunes and modern country sounds.

Credit: Dan Davidson

Tracklist: 1. He Met a Girl 2. Throwback 3. After Hours 4. If These Streets Could Talk 5. Spirit of 17 6. Won’t Forget Release Date: October 23rd Record Label: Self Produced Buy ‘Nineteen Eighty Something’ right here

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