‘Santa Claus: The Movie’ to get 4K cinema and home entertainment release in November

‘Santa Claus: The Movie’ is returning to cinemas and getting a new home entertainment release it has been announced.

The classic film, from director Jeannot Szwarc (‘Supergirl’), will return to cinemas from 24th November 2023 and it will be made available on 4K UHD for the first-time on 13th November, along with Blu-ray, DVD and Digital releases.

Featuring a screenplay by David Newman (‘Bonnie and Clyde’, ‘Superman’) and Leslie Newman (‘Superman’, ‘Superman II’) and music composed by the great Henry Mancini (‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, ‘The Pink Panther’), ‘Santa Claus: The Movie’ stars David Huddleston (‘The Big Lebowski’, ‘Blazing Saddles’), Dudley Moore (‘Arthur’, ’10’), John Lithgow (‘The World According to Garp’, ‘Interstellar’), Burgess Meredith (‘Clash of the Titans’, ‘Rocky’) and Judy Cornwell (‘Wuthering Heights’, ‘Keeping up Appearances’).

With this breath-taking new 4K version, viewers now have the opportunity to witness each and every detail of the film’s enchanting landscapes, whimsical characters, and dazzling special effects with unparalleled clarity and vibrancy. There’s no better time to introduce this classic adventure of awe and wonder to a whole new generation of festive film fans.

‘Santa Claus: The Movie’ tells the story of how a common woodcutter (David Huddleston) becomes the legendary Father Christmas. With a fantastical toy workshop run by elves and a herd of flying reindeer, Santa Claus has vowed to ensure that all good children are rewarded at Christmas. But the holiday season soon comes under threat when a rebellious but naïve elf called Patch (Dudley Moore) runs away to modern day New York. Lost in a world he doesn’t understand, Patch finds himself being exploited by a villainous toy manufacturer (John Lithgow). Could this be the end of Christmas or will the festive spirit prevail?

Extras on the home entertainment release include:

  • New Interview with Mrs.Claus: Judy Cornwell
  • The Making of Santa Claus
  • Shooting the Press Conference Scene
  • Deleted Scenes

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