Chilly’s – ‘Food on the Go’ review

Chilly’s – founded by friends James Butterfield and Tim Bouscarle – are the pioneers of reusable products, aiming to encourage people to stop using disposable plastics and instead choose to invest in high-quality products that can be used time and time again. Their reusable bottles were where it all started for the brand, enabling users to keep drinks either hot or cold for a number of hours while they were on the go. Over time, Chilly’s has introduced more products including cups, food pots and more recently cutlery. Now the brand is expanding to books with the release of ‘Food on the Go’, a hardback book featuring 75 new recipes that are compatible with the Chilly’s range of reusable products.

Despite being a fairly small book, ‘Food on the Go’ really does manage to pack a lot in. There are a total of 8 chapters offering plenty of ideas to fill your food pot and reusable bottle, and keep your tummy happy too. As a proud owner of both of those products, I’m always on the lookout for ideas that will keep me using them. I’m sad to say that I generally fall back on soup and chilli for my food pot, but thanks to this book that will no longer be the case. The first chapter is ‘Breakfast’ and honestly, there are ideas here that I’d simply just never have considered for my food pot. From tasty quinoa breakfast bowls to more familiar ideas such as overnight chocolate and hazelnut oats, there are some really mouth-watering suggestions here.

For those of you, like me, who love a soup. The second chapter of the book offers several ideas along with hotpots. One of my favourite recipes in this section is the Chicken Choila, which is a spicy chicken dish with veg and salad. Like many of the recipes in the book, there’s a sense of healthy and clean eating to ensure you eat nutritiously and feel satisfied. There are great miso soup and ramen recipes too, if you fancy something a bit more exciting than just plain old soup.

Other chapters in the book serve up tasty ideas for salads, drinks and tarts, pies & slices. One chapter I’ll be getting plenty of use out of is ‘Pasta, rice & grains’, with the recipes for Gochujang tofu with rice and Chiptole chicken bowl definitely being added to my go-to recipes. They are so quick and easy to make, and they really do pack plenty of flavour. ‘Snacks & treats’ is another highlight, offering delicious dishes such as fresh rice paper rolls and chilli cheese nachos, in case you just need to take a light bite with you.

Perhaps the only real criticism I have of the book is that some of the ideas presented here (e.g. Wraps & Sandwiches in chapter three) would be pretty difficult to put in your food pot and take with you. I’m sure you could probably cram things like burritos and fritters into a pot with enough effort, but it may not be the easiest thing to eat if you do. It’s a small complaint to be honest and there are still plenty of very practical ideas in the book.

‘Food on the Go’ is a must-have for anyone who is a fan of the Chilly’s brand. It’ll help you get the most out of your Chilly’s products and it will force you to be a bit more imaginative with what you can store in them. Be gone soup and identical chilli variations, and hello to exciting new recipes that will mean I’ll actually look forward to using my food pot much, much more.

Publisher: Ebury Press Release date: 5th October 2023 Buy ‘Food on the Go’ now

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