Matt Stell drops beat-laden anthem “Breakin’ In Boots”

Matt Stell has released foot-stomping anthem “Breakin’ in Boots”, which sees the multi-platinum hitmaker sending out a romantic warning.

The song was co-written by Stell with Joe Fox, Ben Stennis, and Nate Cyphert. It was produced by Fox and pushes Stell’s Country-rock sound harder than ever before.

“Not too long ago, I was at a bar in Nashville one night – it was early, and I was by myself. I sat there trying to care about July baseball while I watched the place fill up. I was halfway through my last longneck when I saw a girl across the bar. She was so pretty and it seemed like there was a spotlight on her. She was just glowing from her blonde hair down to her brown ostrich boots. They actually looked a lot like mine, and I decided our boots were going to be how I struck up a conversation with her. She finally looked in my direction and when we locked eyes, it felt like we were about to have history. I tabbed out as fast as I could and tried to make my way over to her. But I couldn’t find her, and I haven’t seen her since,” shares Stell. “The next day, my buddy Ben [Stennis] came into a writing session and said he might have a title for a song. He said, ‘It’s something like – She’ll leave you there with your heart breaking in your boots. I’m not exactly sure what it would be about, though.’ And I said, ‘Oh I know exactly what it’s about.’”

“Breakin’ in Boots” follows Stell’s 2023 EP, ‘One Of Us’, and a recent collaboration with Country riser Chase Matthew on the project’s chest-thumping title track. Teaming up for a new rendition of ‘One Of Us’, the duo brought new life to Stell’s hard-rocking power ballad, dedicated to those who wear small-town roots like a badge of honor.

Stell is xurrently on tour with shows scheduled into December.

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