County releases emails between Motel 6 and DHS

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — In the continuing emergency shelter back-and-forth between Monroe County and Motel 6, News 8 was given emails between the two parties.

The owner of the Gates Motel 6, Bisma Kahn, told News 8 Wednesday she wanted to put a pause on new families coming in so she could make needed renovations. She also claimed she did not want families to move out.

After Monroe County cited numerous sanitary issues (see below) –that– coupled with the request to not have further placements, the county decided to take action. The County identifies the emails as follows:

  • July 25: Redacted shows Ms. Khan telling us on July 25 that she is not taking further placements. 
  • July 26: Redacted shows the General Manager of Motel 6 telling us they are not taking any additional placements until further notice, and when their initial stay term ended, they would not be allowed to remain.
  • Placements Redacted shows Ms. Khan telling us she is not discontinuing business with us but will only be able to take a “limited amount” of placements going forward. She did not say what that limited number would be or tell us if they would then be allowing those who were closed out to remain.

Ms. Kahn also provided News 8 with these exact emails on Wednesday. Speaking to News 8 again on Thursday, Kahn said she took a call from DHS asking to place more families in Motel 6. She said she found that odd considering there is an order to move all DHS families out of there by Friday.

Through all this, Kahn did say she wants to fix the issues and move forward. The county also said should Motel 6 fix the discrepancies they will consider Motel 6 as a partner again for emergency shelter.

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