Motel 6 owner asks Monroe County for response on families pushed out

GATES, N.Y. (WROC) — Bisma Khan is the owner of Motel 6 in Gates. She said she took over the operation earlier this year, and recently asked Monroe County to put a temporary ‘hold’ on new families coming in. 

“Just so I fix up these rooms so I can start renovating a couple of rooms and then start increasing the placement again,” she said.

She said there used to be 60 families living here through the county — it’s now around 12. Those folks moved out by Monroe County.

“I guess DHS had this confusion that we were closing out everyone, or we were kicking out everyone and that was definitely not the case,” said Khan.

The county told media they moved those people out due to poor sanitary conditions, issues they claim they tried to address with Motel 6.

“Monroe County has had ongoing concerns with the sanitary conditions at Motel 6 and no longer will place our clients in that facility. The relocation of the 11 remaining individuals/families to safe and appropriate housing will be complete by Friday of this week without exception.”

Gary Walker, Director of Communications and Special Events, Monroe County

Khan said the scenes of folks leaving have not been pretty. Where they are going for shelter, she claims many are uncertain.

“There were so many mothers with children in the courtyard panicking and they’re asking me for help and I feel hopeless because there’s not much I can do,” said Khan.

Khan said she offered the remaining families to stay there without the county signing off on it. But as Monroe County said, they will be relocated by week’s end.

Khan said on the claims of subpar sanitation, she’d like to ‘clear the air’ with all parties. 

“When I spoke to the health department, they said that they never said anything along those lines to DHS or to the county about that,” she said.

Khan said there is weekly pest control, and if there are any bugs in a room, that room is shut down and sprayed. Khan says the communication from the county hasn’t been consistent since families have been pushed out. 

“I haven’t heard from DHS at all,” she said asking for them to please return her calls. “I don’t know how to move forward because no one is telling me ‘yes’ or ‘no’,” said Khan.

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