Century announces ‘The Traitors: The Interactive Puzzle Book’, official tie-in to BAFTA-Winning BBC reality TV gameshow

Get ready to put your detective skills to the test in the treacherous world of deception and betrayal with ‘The Traitors: The Interactive Puzzle Book’, published by Century, an imprint of Penguin Random House. Inspired by the BAFTA award-winning BBC smash hit reality TV gameshow, this immersive book will challenge readers to navigate through a castle in the Scottish Highlands, where they must determine who among their fellow players is faithful and who is a traitor.

Authored by Alan Connor, known for ‘Richard Osman’s House of Games’, and with a foreword by Amanda Lovett, a contestant and ‘Traitor’ from the series, the book allows readers to shape their destiny by making decisions that influence the storyline. Every choice leads to different outcomes, but beware – taking a wrong turn might lead to being murdered by the traitors. Suitable for solo play or group fun, ‘The Traitors’ offers over 20 standalone games for pairs or larger groups, complete with cunning twists reminiscent of the TV show.

Credit: Century / Penguin Random House

‘The Traitors’ gained widespread acclaim since its first airing in November 2022, produced by Studio Lambert Scotland. Garnering 34 million views on iPlayer, the show received two BAFTA awards for Best Reality and Constructed Factual, along with Best Entertainment Performance by Claudia Winkleman.

Fans have been eager to experience the world of ‘The Traitors’, and now, with the official tie-in book, they can immerse themselves in the gripping storyline and cunning puzzles that captivated audiences worldwide. Penguin’s Century imprint, known for its diverse and engaging non-fiction titles, acquired the UK & Commonwealth rights (excluding Canada) from All3Media International following a competitive auction.

Compton said: ‘Like the rest of the UK, I became completely obsessed with ‘The Traitors’ at the end of the last year, as did the rest of the Century team. So we’re thrilled to be publishing the series’ official book, which will fully immerse fans into the treacherous world of the show, with twists and turns at every page. Fun for all the family, the book is set to match the success of the show.’

Jane Sharp, VP Commercial Licensing at All3Media International commented: ‘A nail-biting psychological game of suspense and deception ‘The Traitors’ is as addictive on the page as it is onscreen. With the passion and expertise of Century’s team and writer Alan Connor, I’m delighted that faithful fans and new players will get be able to lose themselves in the vivid stories and immersive gameplay of ‘The Traitors’ official book.’

With a release date of 23rd November 2023, ‘The Traitors: The Interactive Puzzle Book’ is set to provide readers with hours of mystery, suspense, and entertainment, as they attempt to navigate the treacherous world of the beloved TV gameshow. Available in hardback and eBook formats, the book invites fans to indulge in the thrilling experience that made “The Traitors” an unmissable cultural phenomenon.

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