Nashville Hall of Fame Kent Blazy unveils his ‘From the Beatles to the Bluebird’ trans-Atlantic new album

Renowned hitmaker and Nashville Songwriter Hall of Fame member, Kent Blazy, has unveiled his highly-anticipated new album, ‘From The Beatles to The Bluebird,’ a musical journey that honors the iconic Beatles and celebrates life and living. The album, which pays homage to the profound impact of the Beatles on the world, is now available worldwide.

Blazy’s inspiration for ‘From The Beatles to The Bluebird’ came during a transformative visit to Liverpool, where he immersed himself in the Beatles’ history, visiting all the iconic sites associated with the legendary band. The experience fueled his appreciation for how the Beatles revolutionized music on February 9, 1964, with their historic appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, captivating an astounding 73 million viewers and changing the music landscape forever.

“This record is a celebration of the Beatles and the individuals who have inspired me throughout my career,” shared Kent Blazy. “As the Beatles once sang, ‘Some are dead and some are living,’ and their influence endures. Working with such talented musicians and engineers made the process a joy, and I’m proud to share this heartfelt tribute with the world.”

The album has already received immense praise, with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation’s Director of Customer Service, Don Wiggins, expressing his awe: “WOW, the songwriting, the deeply personal nature of it, the guitars, the bass player, Kent’s voice, the sound, the production, the memories and feelings these great songs invoke… simply outstanding.”

Co-writer and vocalist on the album, Steve Allen, added his thoughts: ‘From The Beatles to The Bluebird’ takes listeners on a musical journey from the 60s English invasion to the present day, encompassing inspirations, gigs, and hit songwriting in Nashville’s Music Row. The recording process was captured with an immediacy and vitality that brings out the essence of the songs, showcasing an energy that will resonate with listeners.”


  1. February 9th, 1964 (Kent Blazy, Steve Allen)
  2. Beatles to the Bluebird Cafe (Kent Blazy)
  3. Just Writing Songs (Kent Blazy)
  4. Die Young (Kent Blazy)
  5. Birds on a High Line (Kent Blazy)
  6. Stay Wild (Kent Blazy)
  7. Young Man Living In An Old Man’s Town (Kent Blazy)
  8. Not Really Living (Kent Blazy)
  9. Love to Love You (Kent Blazy)
  10. The Gift She Is (Kent Blazy)
  11. Deeper Into You (Kent Blazy, Steve Allen)

The album was meticulously crafted with contributions from studio musicians Lee Francis (bass), Kevin Murphy (drums), Steve Allen (vocals on tracks 1 and 11), Kent Blazy (guitars, vocals), and Dennis Matkosky (keys). Mixing and engineering were handled by Chris Utley, with mastering completed by John Mayfield of Mayfield Mastering.

Sound Emporium Studios President/COO/GM, Juanita Copeland, expressed her delight in being part of Blazy’s recording journey: “As with other projects Kent has done here over the years, you have a collection of some of the most well-written songs that are the kind that has made Nashville the amazing recording mecca that it is today. Kent is truly an Icon and treasure, and we are so proud to call him family.”

‘From The Beatles to The Bluebird’ is an honest and heartfelt tribute to the Beatles and a celebration of enduring music and love. The album’s optimistic spirit shines through in its sounds and grooves, promising an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts. The album is available on various platforms, and listeners are invited to embark on this nostalgic and soul-stirring journey with Kent Blazy and his remarkable collaborators. For more information and to access the album, visit

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