Peytan Porter shares her thoughts on her powerful new song ‘God’s Hotel’

Released today (July 28th) Peytan Porter’s new song, ‘God’s Hotel’ is a thoughtful, powerful look at faith with wistful melodies and impassioned lyrics. Written by Peytan, Faren Rachels, and Jeff Garrison, and produced by Greg Bates, the song discusses the idea of the well-known reward supposedly awaiting the faithful in the afterlife and how a hotel in heaven might be a better fit for the narrator than a perfect mansion ever could be. 

We love the gentle melody that drives the song forward, matched superbly by Peytan’s rich vocals. A lovely chorus with some tasteful guitars and some lyrics that really make you think makes this song one to add to your ‘Best of 2023’ playlists. We caught up with Peytan to ask her all about the song and her experience with hotels in general.

Tell us about the inspiration behind writing the song

I wrote my new song ‘God’s Hotel’ with Jeff Garrison and Faren Rachels – Jeff was actually the one that thought of the title. The three of us have written together a ton so we know each other pretty well at this point. We ended up talking about our experiences with our faith growing up and how this has shaped us today. We decided to write a song talking about how faith can look different for everyone and how that’s a really beautiful thing that brings us together. 

The lyrics and concept are really interesting – that juxtaposition between traditional views on faith & behaviour and living a modern musician’s lifestyle. Are the two incompatible and what are the three things you look for in a ‘good person’?

As a musician, my faith is very important to me. I think it’s great that everyone can have their own relationship with God and that relationship can look how you think it should. As far as three things I look for in a good person, I would say it’s great to have a sense of humor about life (and yourself), compassion for others and honesty when it comes to being who you are. 

What’s the best and the worst hotels you’ve ever stayed in when out on the road or on vacation?

I got to stay at the Freehand Hotel in LA when I was in town for the iHeartRadio Music Awards! It was so awesome. 

As a touring musician, I’ve definitely had some not so great experiences too. Last year, I stayed in a hotel that had a lot of dead bugs everywhere – was definitely ready to check out after that!

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