Yellowstone actor & musician Luke Grimes reflects on his religious upbringing & the art of songwriting with Dave Cobb

Actor and musician Luke Grimes joins Dave Cobb on Southern Accents Radio on Apple Music Country where they discuss their recent collaboration. Luke reflects on the art of songwriting, the deep influence of certain songs on his personal journey, and going hunting with his father.

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Luke Grimes Talks To Apple Music About His Upbringing, Sad Songs, and Willie Nelson…

Luke Grimes: There was a kind of a playlist that we would play when we would go hunting before we weren’t really allowed to listen to secular music in the house. We could listen to the oldies cuz they never said anything. They weren’t bad. Questionable.

Dave Cobb: Yeah, Tutti Fruiti wasn’t about sex. (laughs)

Luke: Exactly. (laughs) I, so I don’t, a little backstory, my dad was a pastor, so, you know, very religious household. We, didn’t really listen to a lot of secular music, music that was on the radio. It was mostly gospel stuff. But when we would go hunting once a year, my dad sort of had this kind of playlist of, of, you know, old outlaw country stuff that he would play. And that song was always on there, ‘Always On My Mind’ and again, sad as hell, you know, out of all of the Willie songs, that one’s just sort of the most quintessential for me. I think there was about 20 songs that on that sort of country playlist, I was just thinking of the ones that stuck out the most. That’s the Willie and the, and the Lukenbach, the next one on the list, sort of the two that kind of stuck out the most. And this, you know, we would all sing them together and, you know, “Lukenbach Texas” was like a great song to sing with, like a car full of boys, you know. 

DC: That was incredible. I love the fact that they name dropped, you know, he (Waylon) name dropped Willie in the song. I love that. Like, it’s okay, you can say your name or the song and Hank Jr does it all the time, which I think is great. (laugh), you gotta write a song and name drops yourself.

Luke: Oh god, I don’t think I’ll ever be doing that (laugh), I don’t think I can pull it off. I’m not as cool as those guys. 

Luke Grimes Talks To Apple Music About Becoming A Recording Artist

Dave Cobb: Let’s play one of your songs. You go ‘No Horse to Ride,’ which was the first release from anything that you put out. How did you feel about releasing the song in the world? And tell me about making that song. 

Luke Grimes: You know, man, I, because I came from another world entirely and, and was an actor for a long time and I mean, still am but you know, I, of course there’s this feeling of like, are people going to, is this cheesy, is this goofy? Are people gonna take this seriously? Uh, you know, a lot of imposter syndrome. 

DC: I bet 

Luke: Coming into that, you know, but I think at the end of the day, I, I just kind of had to be like, am I gonna let that debilitate me from doing this thing that I really want to try? And if I have an opportunity and I don’t take it, I’ll really kick myself one day, you know? So, um, yeah, it was a crazy feeling and I was very prepared to be judged or people think it was kind of a strange thing that I was doing, but you know, I’ve just tried to sort of approach it as kind of honestly as possible. I got very lucky to be able to work with you.

Listen to the full episode anytime on-demand at

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