ITV announces powerful new drama ‘Breathtaking’ depicting the early days of Covid-19 Pandemic

Polly Hill, ITV’s head of drama, lamented the three-part drama series ‘Breathe’. The show offers an exciting and inspiring account of an NHS doctor on the front line in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Filming for the series wrapped up in Northern Ireland earlier this year. She stars as the talented Joanne Froggatt, who plays the role of a frontline hospital consultant. The drama is based on the unflinching personal memoir of Dr. Rachel Clarke, who captures her harrowing experiences during the worst public health crisis in living memory. It was adapted for television by Rachel Clarke with former Junior Hospital doctors Jade Mercurio and Prasana Puwanaraja. The series is directed by Craig Viveiros (known for works like ‘Angela Black’, ‘The Watch’ and ‘The War of the Worlds’).

‘Breathe’ revolves around the story of acute medicine consultant Dr Abby Henderson, played by Golden Globe-winning actress Joanne Froggatt. The show looks at the devastating impact of the pandemic on healthcare workers and highlights the challenges they face in wards and emergency rooms across the country. The drama immerses the audience in the struggle of real-life heroes during the outbreak, taking the audience through long and real-time sequences.

The series is produced by Jade Mercurio’s independent production company HTM Television, known for works such as ‘Trigger Point’, ‘DI Ray’, ‘Bloodlands’ and the BAFTA nominated reality drama ‘Stephen’.

Commenting on the project, Polly Hill said: “’Breathe’ is a heart-wrenching account of life as an NHS doctor during the pandemic. This is a chapter in recent history that should never be forgotten and I can think of no one better than Jade, Rachel and Prasanna to write this timely and memorable drama for ITV.

Based on her personal experiences as Dr Rachel Clarke on the frontlines of the NHS during the pandemic, the series aims to show the courage and commitment of NHS colleagues, while disproving misinformation and rewriting history.

Set in a fictional big city hospital, the drama promises to deliver a compelling narrative as it weaves the stories of healthcare professionals, patients and paramedics who have faced the devastating effects of Covid-19. Against the backdrop of early 2020 news footage, ‘Breathe’ highlights the resilience and strength of humanity in times of crisis.

The drama was produced in association with Northern Ireland Screen and filmed in Belfast from April to May this year. It will be produced and distributed internationally in association with ITV Studios. ‘Breathe’ is sure to have a lasting impact as it sheds light on the untold stories of those who have faced the harsh realities of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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