Idina Menzel drops empowering anthem ‘Beast’

After a sensational performance at Pride in London, multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter and Tony Award-winning artist Idina Menzel is gearing up to release her dance project Drama Queen, set to drop on August 18th. To tease her fans even more, she released the now powerful anthem ‘Beast’.

‘Beast’ is a powerful and uplifting song co-written by Menzel with acclaimed songwriters Nolan Lambroza and Simon Wilcox. Produced by Lambroza (aka Sir Nolan), the track conveys a strong message of strength, encouraging listeners to embrace their inner strength and unleash their ferocity. Menzel’s soulful vocals shine brightly, making the song a standout on ‘Drama Queen’s impressive lineup of singles.

The single also comes with a fan-pleasing offer, an exclusive hot-pink 140g vinyl LP autographed by Adina Menzel available for pre-order via the D2C store.

‘Move’, the lead single from the album which has already made waves, has been added to the BBC Radio 2 playlist. The official music video is a vibrant and powerful visual treat featuring dance sequences choreographed by Richard “Richie” Jackson featuring social media stars Julianne Cooks and Jan Sport. Shot in New York City, the video captures the essence of the disco genre with sparkling disco balls and glittering dance floors, perfectly complementing Menzel’s dynamic vocals.

‘Drama Queen’ Tracklist:

1. Move
2. Beast
3. Dramatic
4. My love for life
5. Paradise (feat. Nile Rogers)
6. To hate me.
7. Funny type of loneliness
8. Royalty
9. Madison Hotel

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