‘Doctor Who’ the Tom Baker Record Collection in vinyl box set

It’s now almost fifty years since the fourth and definitely the right Doctor, Tom Baker, made his television debut on ‘Doctor Who’. His remarkable seven-year stint in the franchise has left an indelible impression on the series. For many who grew up on the classic series, The Doctor remains the gold standard. Edgy, funky, bohemian, rich, fruity-voiced, wearing his trademark long scarf and wide-brimmed hat, Tom Baker’s enduring and highly popular image proved he was truly the part he was born to be.

Limited to 600 copies and each including a signed print from Tom Baker, Demon Records is set to celebrate Tom Baker’s iconic and unparalleled portrayal of ‘Doctor Who’ with a limited edition 4 LP vinyl box set. The released audio drama will be interspersed with interviews and readings from the man himself. You can pick up your copy starting September 15, 2023 (pre-order link below).

First up is Baker’s recording of the first season of the acclaimed television series ‘Genesis of the Daleks’. A cut version was given an audio release in 1979, with Tom Baker providing the connecting narration, and is reissued here. Also included in this release is the special 1976 audio adventure ‘Doctor Who and the Pescatons’ written by Victor Pemberton. The story pits Tom Baker against the threat of fishing monsters with Elizabeth Sladen (who plays her friend Sarah Jane Smith).

Credit: Demon Records

‘Exploration Earth: The Time Machine’ was a 1976 BBC Schools Radio adventure that had previously enjoyed a CD release. This archive concludes with a selection of BBC radio interviews with Tom Baker recorded during or shortly after his doctorate. Old school fans will be familiar with Tom Baker’s 1980 novel The State of Decay by Terence Dix, one of the Fourth Doctor’s final adventures. We disbanded in 1980.

Presented in an eye-catching Fourth Doctor hoi-ring sleeve, this Dalek-fronted four-pack design includes 4 x 140g LPs in orange, green, blue and red vinyl, each with full footage and credits and its own new graphic design. Each copy of this release also includes an exclusive framed photograph of the Fourth Doctor signed by Tom Baker himself.

Featuring Elizabeth Sladen, Ian Marter, Bill Mitchell and John Westbrook, and with the world-famous ‘Doctor Who’ theme from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, these plays, readings and interviews are the perfect way to celebrate the greatest Doctor of all.

Pre-order your copy of ‘Doctor Who: The Tom Baker Record Collection Limited Signed Edition’.

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