Interactive gaming extravaganza “Power Up” returns permanently to the Science Museum

London’s Science Museum is gearing up for an action-packed summer as interactive game show ‘Power Up’ makes its permanent return after five successful seasons. Gaming fans of all ages will be treated to an unforgettable experience featuring the greatest video games and consoles of the past five decades.

With an impressive collection of over 160 consoles and hundreds of games available year-round, visitors will embark on a fascinating journey through the fascinating history of gaming, from the classic Atari 2600 to the cutting-edge PlayStation 5. Power Up offers 14 themed rooms, allowing players to play their favorite franchise-centric games, from Disney’s Generation to Disney’s Generation or ‘Zelda’. For those looking for friendly competition, ‘Street Fighter IV’ tournaments and high-speed racing in ‘Gran Turismo’ await.

As a creative showcase, ‘Power Up’ also focuses on the future of gaming. Visitors will have the opportunity to play exclusive game demos created by BAFTA Young Game Designers award winners over the past five years. These prestigious awards encourage children and young people across the UK to unleash their creativity, develop their play ideas and present them to the world. Each year the BAFTA Awards Showcase ‘Power Up’ features new and innovative games, allowing visitors to witness the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

The ‘Power Up’ event promises to be a fun celebration of gaming culture where gamers can relive the nostalgia of classic favorites and explore the latest gaming innovations. The Science Museum invites everyone to embrace their inner gamer and experience interactive play like never before.

The ‘Power Up’ permanent installation at the Science Museum will open its doors this summer, providing an engaging and immersive gaming experience for all to enjoy.

‘Power Up’ will launch on 27 July 2023 with a day pass costing £10 and an annual pass £15.

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