Walter Presents: ‘Enemy of the People’ is coming to C4 Streaming in August

Walter Presents is bringing Finnish drama ‘Public Enemy’ to C4 streaming in August.

In a Finnish town, reporter Katja infuriates her readers by writing a critical article about their local hero soccer star who seems to be involved in dubious business schemes. When the star athlete is found dead in a Mediterranean villa, hatred for Katja leads to a systematic hate campaign. She is a cunning vulture who gets her kicks inventing conspiracy theories in the eyes of her readers.

But the undeterred Katja continues her investigation, suspecting that the athlete was murdered, because he is about to uncover a larger conspiracy. Recently, the mayor lost tens of millions in public money to a crypto venture he was masquerading as an economic god. However, Katja suspects that the project is a pyramid scheme. When she investigated, Katja found that the people weren’t necessarily interested in the truth. They seem more preoccupied with the hateful lies being spread against her.

Meanwhile, domestic power players are prepared to protect their interests by any means necessary and will stop anyone who threatens their chances of raking in the millions. In her search for the truth, Katja risks more than her name, no, her life is at stake.

The series was created by Mikko Kuparinen, Laura Suhonen and Timo Varpio and stars Kruta Salmin, Raul Tortosa and Aina Cottet.

Walter Presents: ‘Enemy of the People’ is coming to C4 Streaming on August 4, 2023 as a complete box set.

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