Easy Eye Sound releases Dan Auerbach’s solo track ‘Every Chance I Get (I Want You In The Flesh)’

Easy Eye Sound, the legendary Nashville-based label led by Dan Auerbach and named Billboard’s Blues Label of 2022, has been dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the blues genre for the past six years. In addition to building a thriving, multi-generational community through their efforts, they have garnered 16 GRAMMY nominations, achieved four Billboard #1 blues albums and received widespread acclaim.

Easy Eye Sound features a brand new solo track from Dan Auerbach himself. Titled ‘Every Chance I Get (I Want It In The Flesh)’, the song features a tight drone that may remind listeners of the 1967 Sealed Heat recording ‘On the Road Again’. Auerbach, who has loved the song since childhood, described it as inspired by Chicago bluesman Floyd Jones’s ‘Dark Road’ (1953), which was inspired by Tommy Johnson’s famous ‘Big Road Blues’ (1928) from Mississippi. Delta

The track will be released on August 11th as ‘Tell Everyone!’ It serves as a preview for an upcoming blues anthology titled The Sound of Easy Eye. The anthology explores the contemporary blues scene and includes exclusive recordings produced by Auerbach at Easy Eye Sound Studio.

Tell everyone! Featuring iconic blues legends such as Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes of Bentonia and the gospel sounds of Leo ‘Bud’ Welch of Delta. It also showcases the incredible talent of emerging artists such as Detroit duo Moonrisers and Korean-American Kentucky native Nat Myers. His biography is another testament to Easy Eye’s commitment to bringing forth the unsung sounds of the blues genre.

Among the label’s early releases is Glenn Schwartz’s ‘Daughter of Zion’ (ft. Joe Walsh) – a stunning showcase of Ohio blues from influencer Easy Eye Sound’s founder and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Joe Walsh. Louisiana powerhouse Robert Finley’s title track, the GRAMMY-nominated RL Boys’ Hill Country Boogie, and Gabe Carter’s original ‘Buffalo Road’ also contribute to the label’s catalog.

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