Mickey Guyton opens up about new song with Kane Brown on “Today’s Country Radio”

Micky Guyton is a guest on “Today’s Country Radio with Kelly Bannon” to discuss her new song with Ken Brown. During the episode, Guyton talks about how she met Ken, as well as her struggles with her relationship with her husband, leading them to this exciting time in their marriage.

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Mickey Gayton talks to Apple Music about being a Ken Brown fan

“I’ve been a fan of Ken’s for a while, when he first started jumping on the scene in his Instagram videos. And I remember the city talking about him. It wasn’t always good because Nashville has a very Nashville way and you don’t get to see people get this big of a following and build from the ground up that way. And that’s what he did. is it.”

Micky Guyton talks Apple Music for the first time with Ken Brown.

“I first met him through Zoom when we did this interview for Billboard magazine. He is a shy person who doesn’t talk much. And at the end, he was just like, “It’s great to have people that I can’t talk to all the time that have gone through the same experiences that I’ve had. And this was very profound for me. And he’s only human. What he does… and behind the scenes no one knows. He is a very nice person. “

Micky Guyton Talks Apple Music About “Nothing Compares To You” And The Trying Times In Her Relationship With Her Husband

“[The song] It definitely reminds me of the beginning of our relationship, and it definitely reminds me of our relationship now. I mean, from the second to the seventh year of our relationship, we went through some very difficult years in our relationship. There were some really, really, really challenging times, girl… we just didn’t make it. And now they’ve fought through that, and now that we have this beautiful child, my love for this man is just…unconditional.”

Micky Guyton spoke to Apple Music about focusing on her own mental health.

“I’ve been through a lot in 2020 and 2021 and even 2022, we’ve been talking a lot about making country music more inclusive. And I did that. I did that, I was a spokesperson for that. And it was a wonderful time. And I see many women and men from different nationalities coming to this city and finding their chance in my country’s music. And I’m very happy about that. And I used the platform, I had to lift people up wherever I could.

This year is also about me. This year is about my mental health and my happiness and my artistry, and it’s been really fun.

Tune in to “Today’s Country Radio with Kelly Bannon” on Apple Music Country and listen to the full episode Friday, July 14 at 9 a.m. PT/9am CT/10am ET or anytime on demand at apple.co/_TodaysCountry.

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