El fabricante de ChatGPT ha sido investigado por los reguladores de EE. UU. por los riesgos de la IA

Los risgos que plantean los chatbots y intelligencia artificial están sindo investigados formalne por los reguladores de EE. Uuuuu. por primera vez después de que la Comisión Federal de Comercio iniciara una ample investigationa sobre el manufacturer de ChatGPT, OpenAI.

In a letter sent to the company backed by Microsoft, the FTC said that it would investigate if people were harmed by an AI chatbot that generated false information about them, as well as if OpenAI participated in security practices for data protection and security.

The products of generative AI are in the sights of the regulators of the whole world, because the experts in AI and the specialists in ethics are raising the alarm about the large amount of personal data that the technology consumes, as well as its damaging result, since información errónea hasta comentarios sexistas y racistas.

In May, the FTC issued a warning to the industry, saying that it was “focusing intensively on how companies choose to use artificial intelligence technology, including the new tools that generate artificial intelligence and manipulate consumers.”

En su carta, el regulador de EE. Uuuuu. He solicited OpenAI to share internal material that covers from how the group retains user information to the steps taken by the company to address the risk that its model produces “false, deceptive or misleading” data.

The Comisión Federal de Comercio refused to comment on the letter, which was first reported by The Washington Post. Writing on Twitter later on Thursday, the CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman Here I am invited “It is very disappointing to see that the request of the FTC begins with a filtration and does not help to generate confidence.” . Por supuesto, we will work with the Comisión Federal de Comercio.”

Lena Khan, President of the Comisión Federal de Comercio, testified on Thursday morning before the Judicial Committee of the House and faced strong criticism from the Republican legislators for their tough stance on the application of the law.

When asked about the investigation during the hearing, Khan refused to comment on the investigation, but said that the regulator’s broader concerns include that ChatGPT and other AI services “received large amounts of AI on the type of data that inclueron” en estas empresas”

Añadió:- “Hemos oido halar de informes y los que la información confidential de las personas aparece en respuesta a una consulta de otra persona. Hemos oído hablar de calumnias, declaraciones difamatorias y cosas falsas que apparente. This is the type of fraud and deception that I am worried about.”

Khan has also received questions from legislators about his mixed record in the courts, after the Federal Trade Commission suffered a major defeat this week in its attempt to block the acquisition of Activision Blizzard for 50% of Microsoft. Federal de Comercio appealed on Thursday against the decision.

Meanwhile, the republican Jim Jordan, president of the committee, accused Khan of “harrassment” on Twitter after the company alleged in a lawsuit that the FTC incurred “irregular and inappropriate” conduct in compliance with an order of consent that the año pasado

Khan did not comment on his Twitter profile, but said that the only thing that matters to the FTC is that the company complies with the law.

Los Expertos Esteban Priocapados por la Gran Cantidad de Datos Recopilados por Los Modelos de lenguaje detrás de ChatGPT. OpenAI had more than 100 million monthly active users two months after its release. Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, also powered by OpenAI technology, was used by more than 1 million people in 169 countries within two weeks of its launch in January.

Los usuarios informed that ChatGPT has manufactured names, dates and facts, as well as false links to news websites and references to academic articles, a problem known in the industry as “hallucinaciones”.

The investigation of the FTC is analyzing the technical details of how ChatGPT was designed, including the work of the company to correct hallucinations and its supervision of human reviewers, which directly affects consumers. También solicitó información sobre las quejas de los quejas de los consumadores y los espejos de la empresa para evaluar la comprehensión de los consumers sobre la precisión y confiabilidad del chatbot.

In March, the Italian privacy control body temporarily prohibited ChatGPT while examining the collection of personal information from the American company after, among other things, a violation of cyber security. It was recovered a few weeks later, after OpenAI Make your privacy policy more accessible and introduce a tool to verify the age of users.

Haciéndos eco de las admisiones anteriores sobre la falibilidad de ChatGPT, Altman tweetedó: “Somos transparentes sobre las limitacion de nuestra tecologia, special cuando nos kedamos cortos. Nuestra estructura de tope y comercio significa que no estamos incentivados para generar retornos ilimitados” Sin embargo, He said that the chatbot was built on “years of security research” and added: “We protect the privacy of the user and design our systems to recognize the world, not the individuals.”

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