Walter Presents: ‘Sløborn’ on C4 Streaming and Channel 4 this week

Walter Presents is bringing ‘Sløborn’, the story of a German island infected with a deadly virus, to Channel 4 and C4 streaming this weekend.

Set a year before the Covid-19 pandemic, the series was created by Christian Alvart and stars Emily Kusche, Alexander Scheer and Aaron Hilmer.

In Sløborn, a coming-of-age drama and a post-apocalyptic disaster thriller combine to create an exciting series that resonates with us all. Bird flu hits a small island community in the North Sea. A group of teenagers develop horrifying flu-like symptoms after a boat with two bodies aboard is found on an island beach. This prompts further investigation into the deaths of the two passengers who brought the rapidly spreading and deadly influenza to the island. The island is cut off from the rest of society and they are left to fend for themselves, leaving them in a state of panic.

Meanwhile, the authorities are desperate for a cure and will use anything and everything they can to find the cure. With their lives hanging in the balance, the islanders are forced to make decisions that could change their lives forever. Delicately shot, this prophetic series explores a grim scenario we all know so well.

Walter Presents: ‘Sløborn’ starts on Sunday 16 July 2023 at 11pm on Channel 4. The full box set will be available to stream on C4 from Friday 14 July 2023.

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