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A psychologist (Michael Pelissier) believes he is living the perfect life, both professionally and personally. During a session with a deaf client (Kasper Wubolts), feels a strong attraction to him and stirs long-buried feelings within him. When he tries to protect his relationship with his girlfriend and resist his desires, the psychologist is attracted to the client and new feelings that he can no longer hide.

‘Light Tiger’ is only 60 minutes long, but writer/director Karel Tuttschiver leaves a lasting impression. He tells his story mostly in international sign language and body language, using spoken words carefully. Subtitles provide the overriding narrative and inner thoughts of the central character in the film, but Tuytschaever leaves the audience to make up their own minds about what happens over the course of the film.

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It’s not hard to see why ‘Easy Tiger’ has been garnering so much acclaim on the festival circuit. The film is truly unique and unlike anything else I’ve seen in gay cinema. The story may be low but this is part of the beauty of the film, which leaves you reading the relationship between the psychologist and the patient. In some ways it’s a clever spin on the tired beachy vibe of being attuned to one’s sexuality, but in Tuytschaever’s hands it feels fresh and exciting.

Much of the film rests on Michael Pelissier and Kasper Wuboltz’s chemistry. With very little in the way of dialogue, the way the two people communicate with each other is the selling point here. They can communicate their wants and needs just visually and their communication is tangible. We learn relatively little about both men, but that doesn’t stop you from diving into their unexpected relationship.

‘Light Tiger’ may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s certainly a fun and interesting watch. I’ve never seen anything like it before and to me that’s a sign that this film has done its job. Despite its slow-moving plot and very little action, ‘Light Tiger’ will keep you pondering long after the credits roll and that’s a huge win for Tuytschaever.

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Credit: TLA Release

take on Michael Pelissier, Giada Castioni, Kasper Wubolts, Evgenia Brandes. Director: Karel Tuytschaever Secretary: Karel Tuytschaever Certificate: 15 Duration: 60 minutes Official date: 10Th July 2023 Buy ‘Light Tiger’ now

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