Ashley Cooke unveils two new tracks from debut album ‘Shot in the Dark’

Country artist Ashley Cooke, who is signed to Big Loud, is releasing several new tracks from her highly anticipated debut album, Dark Shot. Following the album announcement on the stage of the famous Grand Ole Opry, Cook gave a glimpse of the emotional depth of her upcoming collection with the release of new songs ‘Your Place’ and ‘Enough to Leave’, which are available on all platforms.

Cook shares her excitement about the album, “One of the best things about releasing an album with 24 songs is that I get to tap into different sides of my experiences and emotions. The songs I’m releasing today explore two different feelings I’ve experienced after a relationship has ended, both after failing to find happiness in the end. Breakups are complicated, and ‘Your Place’ and ‘Enough to Leave’ both play into that.

‘Your Place’ is an empowering song about self-empowerment and establishing boundaries. The song, which is accompanied by a new music video, which was co-written by Cook, Jordan Minton and Mark Trussell, shows the command of Cookie as she regains her power and strength after being abused in a relationship. Dynamic music arrangement adds a new twist to the feeling of being in control of one’s life. Alongside the heartbreak, ‘Enough to Let Go’ is a poignant and emotional track that explores the wise advice of Cook’s mother. Described as the most challenging song to write on the album, Cook enlisted the talents of Matt Roy and Lauren Weintraub to bring it to life. The song explores the difficult decision of leaving a relationship, with Cook’s soulful vocals capturing the struggle of realizing that letting go of the wrong person is the best thing of all.

A few weeks ago, Cook gave a taste of what to expect from her debut album with the release of ‘Shot in the Dark’, ‘Taste of Love’ and the title track ‘Mean Woman’, a heartfelt duet featuring Colby Caillat. As the July 21st release date for ‘Shot in the Dark’ approaches, the album promises to reveal Cook’s personal experiences and vulnerabilities. With its sun-kissed melodies and honest lyrics, the collection hints at life’s roller coaster, inviting listeners to join him on this raw and relatable journey. The 24-song project is set to be one of the first albums by a female country artist to date.

In addition to her music, Cook also had a year of touring, including her first overseas performance at C2C and tours with Cole Swindell, Jordan Davis and Brett Young. She’ll soon be joining country megastar Luke Bryan on his country tour in Hershey, Pa., beginning July 13. Also on August 23, Cook will embark on her first-ever ‘In the Dark Tour’. In her home state of Panama City, Florida.

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