Listen: Ashley McBryde debuts ‘Made for This’ from upcoming album ‘The Devil I Know’

Following the recent release of ‘The Devil I Know’, which will be released on September 8, 2023 via Warner Music’s Nashville label, GRAMMY Award-winning artist Ashley McBride has released her album opener ‘Made For This’.

Co-written by McBryde and Travis Meadows, ‘Made For This’ is a testament to the lives of touring musicians and the sacrifices they make to achieve their dreams. McBryde’s personal experiences on the road are reflected in the song’s lyrics, which pay tribute to members of the military, truck drivers and individuals who work long hours and sacrifice time with their families.

McBride says, “Travis Meadows and I wrote ‘Made for This,’ and at the time, I was still touring in the van and he was using the car, so we definitely had a lot to do with touring and the lives of musicians. “But this song goes beyond that,” says McBride. More than 200 days a year, it’s not just visiting musicians and bands and team members who are on the roadCalling home to kiss good night. Also our military members, our truck drivers and those who sacrifice time with their families and work long or unusual hours. We are lucky to have been created for this.

Previously a live staple for McBryde and her band Deadhorse, ‘Made For This’ is now available as a studio recording, capturing the energy and spirit of their performance. Coinciding with the release, the second season of McBryde’s ‘Made For This’ web series will air on Monday, July 10 at 11 am CT. The series offers an inside look at McBryde’s life on the road, featuring her band and crew as they travel the world. Viewers will get exclusive glimpses, from behind-the-scenes moments to tour bus camaraderie, giving a glimpse into the life of a touring musician.

McBryde’s previous single ‘Light On The Kitchen’ won critical acclaim, topping the charts and earning a spot on Rolling Stone’s “Best Songs of 2023 So Far” list. The lead single is complimented by bright guitars, tender delivery and messages of support. Other tracks from the upcoming album, such as ‘The Devil I Know’ and the self-titled ‘Learned to Lie’, have received critical acclaim, showcasing McBryde’s storytelling skills and impressive singing abilities.

Recently, McBride was honored with Billboard’s Country Power Players Groundbreaker Award for staying true to her artistry as one of country music’s best storytellers.

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