Walter Presents: ‘Disturbing Disappearances’ coming to More4 this month

Walter Presents is bringing ‘Hard Disappearance’ to More4 and C4 streaming this month, ending the French season.

Created by Arnold Mercadier, Stéphanie Pillonca and Johann Rigolot, the French series stars Pierre Rochefort, Sarah Forestier and Bruno Dreyfirst.

Set in the picturesque French town of Montclair, the series follows a series of investigations led by a team of female detectives determined to uncover the truth behind puzzling disappearances. Each episode focuses on a different issue and offers intricate clues, mysteries and unexpected twists. The series begins with the murder of a local school teacher and the search for nine students who seem to have disappeared without a trace, sending shockwaves through the town and dismaying their parents.

After the attack, the investigative team races against time to find the children before any harm is done. From missing persons to unexplained kidnappings, the detectives use their knowledge and expertise to uncover dark secrets hidden beneath the surface of a seemingly quiet town. As the series progresses, the detectives’ personal lives begin to intertwine with the cases, further complicating the investigations. With each new case, the stakes increase, putting the lives of those involved in danger. Will you find the victims before it’s too late?

Walter presents: ‘Hard Disappearance’ on More4 every week from 14th July at 9pm. It’s available to stream on C4 every week.

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