PricewaterhouseCoopers ha informado a Google sobre el momento de la ley fiscal australiana

PwC has informed Google about the moment of a controversial Australian fiscal law that, on the basis of privileged information obtained by one of the partners of the accounting firm, was revealed.

La Empresa de Tecnología es la primera en recibir información clasificada en un escándalo que envolvió a la australiana PricewaterhouseCoopers y provocó el despido de ocho socios.

An associate of PwC who worked as an advisor to the Australian government transmitted information about the upcoming laws to his colleagues, who used it to promote business in the west coast of the EU. UU., según correos electronicos internos descubiertos en una investigación realizado por legisladores Australianos.

An employee of Google received an email from a partner of PwC in August 2015 that said Canberra would continue with fiscal restrictions on multinational corporations next year, despite the pressure of legions.

Last month PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed the details of the electronic mail to the legislators, omitting the name of the company. La compañía dijo que no sabia que la información era confidential.

Google confirmed that it was the company involved, according to a Reuters report on Wednesday.

“If it is disappointing to know that PwC shared information in an inappropriate manner, it did not have any impact on our compliance with the multinational anti-elusion law,” said Google, referring to the 2015 legislation.

The company added that Google’s changes in its fiscal structure in Australia were realized after the new law was approved and after dealing directly with the Oficina de Impuestos de Australia, instead of simply consulting PwC.

In the uproar created by the scandal, PwC Australia has lost many government-affiliated clients, including the country’s largest pension funds and the Reserve Bank of Australia, and faces constant scrutiny from lawmakers.

The company agitated its leadership in Australia to treat damage to the reputation. El ex director ejecutivo Tom Seymour resigned in May after admitting that he received emails that contained classified information, and he was among the eight partners that the company said this week that they were gone or they would go to the polling station.

PwC Australia también vendíó su negocio de asesoría gubernamental por un dolar Australian symbolico para tratar de proteger sus contratos de las consequencias.

PwC said on Wednesday that its clients were not involved in any irregularity and that “confidential information was not used to allow clients to pay less tax”.

In a letter to the Australian legislators last month, he said that if there were suggestions that he could have provided confidential information about the start date of MAAL to companies different from Google, “We have not identified a gun and we will not enter confidential information about the start date of MAAL.” de MAAL a empresas distinta de Google Effeco”

The internal correspondence published as the result of the parliamentary investigation showed that PwC discussed the confidential information of its ex fiscal partner Peter Collins in relation to his advisory work with the government.

An email from January 2016 celebrated $2.5 million in new businesses in North America, and “the precision of intelligence that Peter Collins was able to provide was a great help,” wrote a partner. El correo electrónico decía que Australian Tax Partners habia trabajado “extensamente” con otras subsidiarias de PwC and Todo El Mundo, incluso en los EE. UU., Los Paces Bajos and Singapore.

Additional information from Michael Odier and Londres

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