La única mujer miembro de la junta ejecutiva de Adidas renuncia a medida que aumenta el éxodo

Adidas has announced the departure of the only female executive in its directory, which is the result of the exodus of high-level women to the command of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer, which has been criticized previously for its handling of the diversity problem.

Amanda Rajkumar, Director Global de Recursos Humanos, se va la proxima semana después de decidir no solicitar una extensión de su contrato de tres años, que vence en diciembre.

Rajkumar’s departure is the latest in a series of departures from Adidas’ senior directors, including global marketing head Vicki Frye, global retail sales manager Nicole Gezaly and Celine Del Genes, who oversaw the specialized sports division. The number of female members of the two executive management bodies of the company, the board of directors and the central leadership group, has been reduced to more than half of seven to three since the end of 2022.

Su salida es también la ultima entre los maximos executivos del gruppo deportivo desde la legada del nuevo CEO Bjorn Golden a principios de este año. In March, Golden embarked on a reorganization of the board that dismissed the executive director of sales and veteran of 30 years of Adidas, Roland Uchelle. The brand director of the group, Brian Griffey, also resigned when Golden assumed the position himself.

Rajkumar, a British citizen whose parents came from the Caribbean, joined the German company in January 2021 to curb a bitter internal furor over the management of racism, diversity and inclusion on the part of Adidas. His predecessor, Karen Barkin, resigned in 2020 after describing internal discussions about racism as “noise”.

Rajkumar, whose previous roles include senior posts of human resources at BNP Paribas and JPMorgan, has assumed a practical role to treat diversity and Adidas. In the year In 2021, lanzó una encuesta interna entre los empleados, pidiéndoles que voluntarimente compartan personales datos sobre race, nationalidad, identidad de género y orientación sexual.

Adidas no dio ninguna razon por su nshana partida. People familiar with the internal discussion told the Financial Times that Ella Golden was fighting for issues of governance and human resource priorities after the executive director demanded a direct role in human resource issues.

Uno added that they were also shocked by the budget of human resources and the style of management of the executive director, which he himself described as “chaotic” in a closed town hall. Golden refused to comment, while Rajkumar did not respond to a solicitation of comments.

Adidas dijo que su compromiso de aumentar la proportione de mujeres entre sus gerentes es firme y significado eschitos recientes, como lograr metas internas para su círculo de leadership más amplio desde el principio.

Gulden fue robado de la marca deportiva rival Puma para reconstruir el grupo, que se ha visto afectado por una serie de advertencias de ganancias después de abandonar su marca altamente rent Yeezy trainers, Serrar Operations and Russia and Suvirolenta Rea.

Adidas finalized its association with Kanye West, also known as Ye, with whom he jointly directs Yeezy, following a public protest against the antisemitic and racist comments of the rapper and designer of American fashion.

One fine last year, anonymous employees accused Adidas of ignoring the alleged improper internal conduct of West. They affirmed that the senior managers knew that the rapper reproduced pornography of employees in meetings and showed an intimate photo of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, in interviews. Una investigación internal de Adidas no entente pruebas de estas graves accusaciones, pero sí reveló un “portamiento partially inappropiado”.

At the beginning of this year, Adidas clashed with the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation when it tried to prevent the working group from using a three-line logo that, according to him, looked like Adidas’ trademark. La marca alemana dio marcha atras despuyes de otra réachion negativa del público.

The president of Adidas, Thomas Rabe, praised Rajkumar’s efforts to “foment a deeper culture of inclusion and create a better responsibility for leadership”. La compañía nombró A Michael Robertson, Vice-President Senior de Lugares de Trabajo and Impos Globales, Como Sususur Intrino.

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