Airbus sigue adelante con el programa de alas ligeras del Reino Unido

Airbus is advancing with the planes to develop a light wing in the United Kingdom for the next generation of its best-selling A320 plane, as the group seeks to maintain its leadership over its American rival Boeing.

El fabricante de aviones europeo has invested in a centro de desarrollo de tecnologia de alas en su extensa planta en Filton, cerca de Bristol, donde se contrujen Los Bombarderos Concorde and Bristol Blenheim.

The installation, which was inaugurated on Tuesday, will be used to construct and test demonstration pavilions for a variety of programs.

The investment is part of the efforts of Airbus to develop a more efficient and fuel-efficient aircraft to replace the most sold A320 family. The company surpassed Boeing in the single aisle market segment, owning almost 60 percent of the shares.

“Se trata de preparer la tecnologia para el carril único del futuro”, dijo Sue Partridge, Presidenta del programa Felton Site and Wing of Tomorrow.

The Airbus wing development program was launched in 2016 to test the latest composite materials and new aerodynamic technologies.

His American rival, Boeing, is also working on a larger wing for his next generation that will replace the 737. There is no hope that any of the two companies will launch a completely new model of the plane in the media.

Las alas más lagas y livianas facilitan que el avión generate sustentation without consuming much combustible, lo que ayuda a reducir las misisones de oxidido de carbono.

Partridge said that the new lightweight wing should also be profitable and capable of producing a high rate of construction.

Airbus ya ha consturido dos de los tres prototipos de alas de tamano completo planetados:- uno para comprender la integración de sistemas y un segundo, actualmente en Filton, que se probará estructuralmente para su destrucción. The third one will be assembled to test industrial capacity and increase production.

The company is also based on new manufacturing technologies and a mayor automation. The experimental wings are still not a firm design for a next-generation plane, but they allow the company to test many future technologies.

The new center joins the facilities of Airbus in the United Kingdom, which houses the design and manufacture of its stand. La Empresa ha Recibido Aida de Fondos Gubernamentales para Investigación y Desarrollo. In the year In 2014, he received 117 million pounds from the Instituto de Tecnología Espacial for the Wings of Tomorrow program.

Partridge dijo que ATI ha sido “un gran facilitador para nosotros… brindándonos estabilidad”.

The government announced separately on Tuesday that £ 12 million of the £ 685 million previously earmarked for space through ATI for three years will be used for the Airbus X-wing project, which seeks to adapt flight conditions to the project. .

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