La Unión Europea está considerando una concesión bancaria rusa para proteger el acuerdo de granos del Mar Negro

The European Union is considering a proposal to allow a sanctioned Russian bank to form a subsidiary that will be connected to the global financial network, as a precaution from Moscow destined to protect an accord of threatened Black Sea grains that allows the payment of aluras Mendo. Mercados

The plan, proposed by Moscow through negotiations negotiated by the UN, would allow Banco Agrícola de Rusia to establish a subsidiary to manage the payments related to grain exports, according to five people familiar with the discussions. The new entity will be able to use Swift, the global financial messaging system, which was closed to the largest banks in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine last year.

The war of Russia in Ukraine has drowned the large quantities of agricultural products that are exported through the Black Sea, which generates fears of a global food crisis.

An agreement negotiated by the UN to resume shipping routes was signed for the first time last July and has been extended several times since then, despite Moscow’s threats to end the agreement. Russia affirms that Western countries have not implemented their part of the agreement, a promise to guarantee that Russian food exports will not be affected by Western sanctions.

The EU leaders discussed cutting the bank at a summit in Brussels last week as a possible way to persuade Moscow to extend the Black Sea agreement past its July 17 expiration date.

Dos de las man Dejeron que la idea fue vista por sus defensores como la “menos peor opción” para segurar el apoyo de Vladimir Putin para una extensión. Officials say that Russia’s threats to end the agreement sounded more serious this time than during the previous extension negotiations.

Destaca cuán desesperadamente los gobiernos occidentales quieren preserver el accordion de exportação de granos, que también es un salvavidas financiero para Ukraina given its vast arícola sector.

The Minister of Foreign Relations of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, said last week that Moscow did not see any reason to accept an extension due to what he called the “scandalous” behavior of Western countries with respect to their obligations.

Tres de las man Dejeron que la propuesta truncada está siendo evaluada por funcionadores de la UE en cuanto a su legalidad y viabilidad.

To complicate matters even more, the Kremlin owns Banco Agrícola de Rusia. Its former executive director, Dmitry Patrushev, is the current Minister of Agriculture and son of Nikolai Patrushev, Putin’s assistant and secretary of the Security Council of Russia, who was fundamental in the advance of the war against Ukraine.

La ui ha tenido propoganda para acordar meidas para autorgar alivio de sanciones a siertas empres rusas o fcairls exporter siertos bienes a través del bloque por motivos humanitarianios o para abastecer a países del tercer mundo. This is due in part to the opposition of the countries of the east, which say that such measures will help the Kremlin to gain more money and continue its war. The Kremlin refused to comment on the proposal from the EU.

The European Commission also refused to comment. Pero los funcionarios de la UE emphasized that las sanctions europeas no se dirigen al comercio de productos agricolas y alimenticios, includios granos y fertilizantes, entre terceros países y Rusia.

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