Un banquero formado en Occidente está en línea para dirigir el banco central de China

China contracted a bomber trained in the West to lead the central bank of the country, a measure that is expected to bring certain certainty to the market as Xi Jinping reviews the supervision of the financial sector.

El Banco Popular de China announced on Saturday that Pan Gongsheng has been named chief of the Communist Party of the bank, replacing Guo Shuqing.

The president of the party is the most powerful political office of the bank and can have more influence than the governor. It is expected that Ban will also be announced as the next governor of the bank, replacing Yi Gang, who has held the position for more than five years.

“The appointment will give some reassurance to the market about the continuity of the options of the main central bankers of China,” said Chen Long, co-founder of the Beijing-based research firm Plenum. candidates, [Pan] Es el que mejor conoce el Mercado, el que mejor conoce el Mercado.

According to a person familiar with the issue, Pan’s appointment as governor of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is under urgent review because he will turn 60 next week, the official retirement age for many Chinese officials.

El Sabado, El Banco Dijo Cu Tanto Guo Como Y Habian Renucciado A Sus Cargos and El Partido.

The reorganization of the central bank is produced when the recovery of three years of confinement by the pandemic is staggering in the second largest economy of the world.

Después de un punte inicial en el first quarter, disappointing economic data in the second quarter and a weak perspective, aumentan las expectatios de que Beijing will trigger additional monetarios or fiscal etímulos para respadalarento crecre. El renminbi, la moneda china, también cotizaba cerca de un mínimo de siete meses frente al dollar.

Ban is a familiar name in the international financial sector. He has been Vice-Governor of the Banco Popular de China (PBoC) since 2012, a cargo that he has interacted with the media, the financiers occidentales and his regulatory counterparts. Desde 2016, dirige simultanemente la Autoridad de Supervision de Divisas de China.

In the university, Cambridge and the Université de Harvard prohibits the principal of Fue’s investigation.

He also did an internship at Standard Chartered, based in the United Kingdom, according to an online profile of the National Center for Financial Research at the University of Beijing, where he worked as an expert in research.

También tiene un doctorado en economia de la Universidad Renmin, China.

Durante las ultimas tres decadas, la experian de ban ha abarcado regulacións cambiarias, financiamiento de bonos y propiedades, reglas de cryptomonedas and reformas bancarias gubernamentales.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday the appointment of Ban as governor.

His reputation as bombero del riesgo financiero se forjo cuando helped to stop the flight of capitals that destabilized the financial system in the middle of the decade of 2010.

Sin embargo, el nombramiento de Ban se produced en medio de los Temors del Mercado de que el impacto del PBoC disminuya.

Chen, de Plenum, added that it is unlikely that Pan’s appointment will lead to an important change in China’s monetary policy, since the central bank weakened after Beijing renewed its financial regulation structure in March.

Xi, who embarked on his third mandate of five years as president, created in March a new national financial control organism to oversee all financial activities except the securities industry.

Under the new regulatory regime, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) will lose some of its powers over financial portfolio companies, including Grupo Jack Ma.

The experts said that a new committee led by the Communist Party, the Central Finance Commission, has been established to strengthen Xi’s control over the sector.

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