Walter Presents: ‘Actor’ coming to C4 Streaming in July

Walter Presents is bringing Czech drama ‘The Actor’ to C4 streaming in July, it has been confirmed.

In the year Set against the backdrop of the vibrant and dynamic theater scene of 1950s Prague, the series follows the journey of Jakub Novak, a talented and ambitious young actor. This multi-layered story begins with a woman standing on the edge of a rooftop as a concerned crowd gathers on the pavement below. This sets the series’ tense tone as Jacob tries to solve various challenges.

Throughout the series, Jacob struggles to find a balance between his personal life and the demands of his work, which forces him to make serious sacrifices. Despite this, his ambition is never deterred and his hunger for learning carries him through financial difficulties and daily challenges. This well-known Czech series deals not only with the beauty and glamor of the theater world, but also with deeper themes such as lust, love, betrayal and the pursuit of artistic integrity. Jacob’s journey to stardom is not easy, but will he reach the top?

‘Actor’ was created by Peter Bebjak, Petr Bock and Pavel Gotthard and stars Jan Sina, Jenovefa Bokova, Martin Finger, Jan Nedbal and Adrian Jastraban. The series was the winner of the Best TV Series award at the Venice TV Awards and nominated for several Czech Lions.

Walter Presents: ‘The Actor’ will be released on C4 streaming as a complete box set on 7 July 2023.

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