El DMV de Nueva York presenta la placa personalizada de Finger Lakes

Rochester, New York (WROC) – ¡Finger Lakes pronto receiba una placa personalizada!

The DMV of New York is implementing new plates for all regions of the state of New York. Each panel has a theme based on the region: the panel of the city of New York presents a horizon with the one World Trade Center, Las Cataratas del Niágara in the west of New York and the Museo del Faro de Montauk Point in Long Island.

Incluso hay una placa personalized basada en Los Buffalo Bills, que muestra el logotype e el casco del equipo en el fundo.

It is not currently known how the Finger Lakes board will be, but the DMV will announce the new board in a press conference in Geneva at 1pm on Friday.

Some of the new registrations can be seen below:

Nueva York

Isla Grande

metropolitan area

Billets de Buffalo

Oeste de Nueva York

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