Biden anuncia nuevas medidas sobre préstamos estudiantiles tras fallo de la Corte Suprema

(The Hill) – On Friday, President Biden will announce new measures to protect student borrowers following a Supreme Court decision that canceled his student debt relief plan, according to a White House source.

“I think the court’s decision to cancel our student debt relief plan is bad,” Biden said in a statement. “Pero no me ditendre ante nada para encontrar otras formas de brindar alivio las familia trabajadoras de classe media. My government will continue working to fulfill the promise of advanced education for all Americans.

Poco después del fallo de la Corte Suprema, una fuente inside the White House le dijo a The Hill que se habian “preparado para este escenario”.

“The president will have more to say today”, said the source. “The president will make it clear that he has not finished fighting and will announce new measures to protect student borrowers.”

The president also made it “very clear” to the student borrowers that “the Republicans are responsible for denying the relief that President Biden has been struggling to provide”, according to the source.

In his statement, Biden promised that “this fight is far from ending” and tended to blame the republicans.

La hipocresía de los funcionarios electos republicanos es asombrosa. No tuvenor ningún problema con los miles de millones y loans a empresas relacionados con la pandemia, inclivos cientos de miles y, en algunos casos, millones de dolares para sus propias empresas. “These loans are lost,” he said. “Pero cuando se trataba de brindar alivio a milos de estadounidenses trabajadores, hicierón todo lo possibl para detenerlo”.

The decision of the Supreme Court prohibited more than 40 million borrowers from obtaining loan forgiveness and marked a major defeat for one of the president’s main campaign promises. Although the decision was expected from the court with a conservative majority, the White House has refrained from announcing Plan B if the program is cancelled.

The program, announced in August, would have canceled up to $20,000 in loans for Pell grant recipients and $10,000 for other applicants with an income of $125,000.

The president made the announcement amidst the growing pressure of progressives to act on student debt. Si Bain Algunos Han Pagado Hasta $50,000 and Ayuda, vieron su programa como un primer paso positivo.

Friday’s decision limits Biden’s options to fulfill his 2020 campaign promise to waive student loans.

When the Biden administration announced the program, it sought to link it to the national emergency that arose during the public health crisis due to COVID-19. Citó la Ley de Oportunidades de Ayuda para la Educación Advanced para Estudiantes (Heroes, por sus siglas y Ingles), a law promulgated by the Congress after the 11th of September and when the nation entered the war, to justify the mani

The minister affirms that the HEROES Law gives him the power to cancel $430 million in student loan capital. El Presidente del Tribunal Supremo, John Roberts, wrote on Friday.

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