Travel News: Underwater Metro Routes And Marine Discoveries

Amazing Italian home renovations, amazing marine discoveries and beautiful new trains in Scotland and Taiwan, all this and more can be found in the latest CNN travel reviews and articles.

The impetus for reform.

While Italy may seem full of beautiful, low-maintenance stone houses, nowadays it’s no bigger than an American with a 10-foot tape measure.

Du and Leah Johnson from Massachusetts bought a 14th-century apartment in Fasanello in Lazio for less than $14,000. “It’s amazing how well old buildings in Italy have been preserved,” Doug says. “It is not easy to destroy an important structure.”

And in Ersina, a small town south of Basilicata, more than 300 non-Italians from North America and Europe took over dilapidated properties and helped revive this dying community.

The one below

The Spaniard spent 500 days alone in a cave to avoid going inside. “Time doesn’t go fast or slow, it doesn’t just go by,” said Beatrice Flamini about the experiment that took place 70 meters underground and was observed by scientists. It’s always four o’clock in the morning when daylight closes.

Also this month, a species of snail was discovered more than 27,000 feet (8,336 meters) below the surface of the water in an ocean hole off the coast of Japan. It is the deepest fish ever recorded. And perhaps even more, as a new international mission has been launched to discover 100,000 previously unknown marine species.

A wonderful retreat

Fondue and raclette are on the menu at the Princess Elizabeth Polar Research Station in East Antarctica, the coldest region on Earth. This is how the station chief feeds and entertains scientists from the most remote corners of the world.

Newcomers to join the majestic solitude can test their resilience by buying Baloch Island off the south coast of Scotland, which is currently up for auction for over $190,000.

Life on the train

Australia and India have achieved milestones in inbound tourism.

On April 21, a subway train passed under Sydney Harbor for the first time as part of a trial of a new unmanned passenger service due to launch next year. And on April 12, Kolkata’s new metro line completed its first run before opening to the public in November.

Built 111 years ago, Taiwan’s iconic wooden tunnel railway from deep waters to towering mountains is undergoing a major upgrade, adding six impressive new rolling stock to its fleet. The cockpit and windshield are covered with local cypress.

Royal Scotsman Belmond, one of the world’s most iconic locomotives, will launch two stunning new collections next year. Here you can see amazing cottage styles.

Best sunglasses under $50

Mexico has about 5,800 miles of coastline, most of which is undeveloped, which means there are plenty of pristine beaches. Here’s our roundup of the best.

And to prepare for the perfect beach vacation, you need beautiful sunglasses, but don’t be afraid to destroy them in the waves. Our partners at CNN Underscored, CNN’s directory of reviews and recommendations, have shared their favorite items under $50.

Law and order

This week, American citizens are facing challenges at home and abroad.

Three TSA agents were injured in a ‘reckless and brazen’ attack on a woman at a Phoenix, Arizona airport, and an American woman was arrested in Sydney after airport officials found a gold-plated firearm in her bag. Australia has some of the toughest gun laws in the world, as impressive as they are.

Greek Love Stadium

© Provided by CNN Sunset “Magic Hour” in Oia, Santorini . -Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Santorini is a popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean, rightly known for its spectacular sunsets, but the true beauty of its moonscape has a lot to do with the sight of an active volcano.

Maybe you missed it yourself

This is the perfect reason to enable Airplane Mode while in flight.

The reality is complex.

Look at one Very luxurious Transportation hotels In this world.

There are rain showers, hydrotherapy pools and a golf course.

This California woman agreed to live on the ship for three years.

That’s why he did it.

NASA has already tested a fixed-wing aircraft.

It’s uneven but poor fuel economy.

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Elon Musk recently spoke about a terrifying discovery made by NASA on Mars.

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