16 Popular Tokyo Street Styles Im Adding To My Travel Capsule Wardrobe — Starting At $5

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The versatile look I saw in Japan goes with everything in the wardrobe.

As a travel content creator, I have had the opportunity to visit many beautiful countries over the past few years. Japan has always been on my to-do list and last March I finally got to visit this beautiful country. During my one week trip to Tokyo and Kyoto, I was inspired by the culture, food and especially The metaphor What I saw in both cities.

Even before the trip, I knew that Japanese fashion is based on a balance between classic minimalism and modern street style. But as soon as I took the JR line from Haneda Airport, I began to notice how cool people dress in Tokyo. It’s no wonder, then, that passionate Japanese fashion designers including Onitsuka Tiger, Issey Miyake and Comme des Garçons are inspired by the combination of basic monochrome colors and experimental designs.

No pude evitar pensar que los looks que he visto en mis viajes serian el guardarropa cap perfecto (ya sabes, un guardarropa minimalista is reduced to one of the selected basic combinations que puedes usar con cualquier cosa, generally neutral y de alta calidad para que servan. lasting a long time). As a traveler, I find this kind of wardrobe essential because having things to mix and match means you take less clothes with you, and I’ve always found it more strategic to travel with carry-on only.

If you’re like me, Japanese style inspires you to create your own capsule wardrobe. From your cute classic girl sneakers to the perfect blazer and oversized bodysuit, I’ve rounded up my favorite versatile classic looks from my travels in Japan starting at $5. Whether you’re strolling through a vintage shop in Harajuku, gazing at the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, or getting lost on a crosswalk in Shibuya, here are 16 essentials you’ll need to create the perfect capsule wardrobe in Japan or anywhere else during your travels. take on .

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Oversized poplin shirt

I’ve seen this trend many times in Japan: oversized shirts with jackets, trench coats, or even on their own, depending on the weather. And of course, a simple, oversized button-down shirt can be one of the most versatile basics in your capsule wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing this dress or with shorts, you’ll find that this item adds comfort and sophistication to your look. I love that this Madewell poplin shirt is bold and edgy yet sophisticated and hints at Japanese style. If I’m going for a more laid-back, timeless vibe, I like to add bright colors to my bag or sneakers to tie it all together.

to buy: madewell.com, $68 (originally $85)

Cole Haan’s trench coat

Is it possible to make a capsule wardrobe without a raincoat? I say no. He was surprised that one in three people in Tokyo wore a coat, and the style and color suited him. Although I love the classic khaki boy coat, I’ve noticed a great variety of colors in Japan. After visiting in March, I enjoyed wearing my coat day and night, but it was great because it’s good for any time of the year. A classic nude or black trench coat is perfect depending on the weather (waterproofing is key!) and whatever look you’re planning. This classic and versatile style from Kohl’s Hahn is a great option right now at Nordstrom for 57% off.

Buy: nordstrom.com, from $135 (originally $375).

New Balance 2002R sneakers

Does anyone remember the scene? Crazy, stupid, loved When Ryan Gosling’s character ditches Steve Carell’s New Balance sneakers and buys them? Well, apparently Steve Carell’s character was the first, because in Japan everyone wears dad’s shoes. Personally, I love the 2002R, it’s a very comfortable hiking shoe, perfect for traveling abroad. A shock-absorbing insole will support your feet all day while traveling and sightseeing in Japan, making it the perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe.

Buy: newbalance.com and nordstrom.com, from $140.

Uniqlo mini round shoulder bag

When you have this bag, you get the boost right. As someone who owns this bag in three colors, I really notice how perfect this bag is for travel. I find it very common to see a variety of shoulder/wheel bags in Japan, and this one is especially popular considering Uniqlo’s expansion in Japan, which is where it’s from! This bag has a convenient pocket with plenty of storage space, and the water-resistant cover ensures all your gear is safe during heavy rain. Considering how affordable this product is, I recommend getting creative with a few colors that you can mix and match with your outfit as you go.

Buy: uniqlo.com, $20

Boyfriend Blazers

Can we all agree that the field jacket should be the MVP of the capsule wardrobe? Whether you’re wearing it to the office or strolling around the city of Shibuya, this loose yet structured jacket is perfect for pairing with casual jeans and sneakers. Once you find a jacket you love, make sure to incorporate it into your weekly wardrobe! Additionally, a somewhat straight look is very common in Tokyo’s urban style.

Buy: nordstrom.com, from $78 (originally $129).

Linen work dresses

When I think of my favorite Japanese look, I immediately think of plus-size linen dresses. Add a pair of cute sneakers or heels and you can wear this look through spring and summer, this shirt makes the perfect capsule wardrobe. I prefer a casual shirt dress so that your linen suit will stand the test of time and be worn season after season.

Buy: everlane.com, $98

Satin bomber jacket

If you want to wear a stylish and versatile capsule wardrobe inspired by Japanese street style, the classic bomber jacket allows you to create a bold look. Tokyo draft Trembling. I love how lightweight this version of &Ander Stories is, so it won’t be too bulky when you put it in your bag. The combination of classic khaki green with satin trims creates the perfect color and texture for sporty street style. For an affordable but still classic look, this Amazon bestseller offers similar looks for just $36 (if prints are your thing, take inspiration from cherry blossoms and find a neutral palette that goes with everything in your closet).

Buy: nordstrom.com, $149; Amazon.com, $36

Onitsuka Tiger shoes

Onitsuka Tiger is a Japanese fashion brand that was founded in 1949 and has been a fusion of Japanese heritage and modernity ever since. My favorite image would have to be the Mexico 66 (but good luck with this trendy style!) It’s a more modern running shoe than the New York. These shoes are the perfect addition to any Japanese inspired outfit. I love seeing the locals wearing different colors, but I think classic black and white is perfect for your shoes.

to buy: zappos.com, $75 (originally $85)

Square shaped sunglasses

I try to strike a balance between simplicity and practicality, a common theme borrowed from Japanese style. One capsule wardrobe staple that I think should follow a similar line are heavy duty sunglasses. One that balances exceptional vibration with excellent UV protection. I love Gani, a Danish ready-to-wear brand of the season, but you can find this custom look on Amazon for a more affordable price. Overall, I love this bold shape and with the sturdy rectangular base, these sunglasses are a pair you’ll always need.

to buy: amazon.com, $12 (originally $20)

Uniqlo ribbed socks

It wasn’t until I photographed someone on the Tokyo subway. I bought this pair from Uniqlo and now I buy them in so many colors because they really are the perfect socks. The fit is snug but not too tight, ensuring they don’t slip while still providing enough length for shorts you don’t want your legs showing in winter. I recommend buying a few different colors in bulk to match any outfit.

Buy: uniqlo.com, $5

Comme des Garçons long-sleeve T-shirt

The basic T Should be In any travel outfit, and this highly sought-after street style comes from Japanese brand Comme des Garçons. Black and white stripes allow you to mix and match with other classic capsule outfits, while red hearts add character. I also say that stripes are neutral, they can be combined with anything. If you like this brand, also check out Comme des Garçons Converse.

Buy: nordstrom.com, $166.

JW PEI shoulder bag with flap

I bought my first JW PEI bag last summer and was impressed with the quality, especially at this price. While the point of having a capsule wardrobe is to make sure you buy a few items that last a long time, my experience with JW PEI is that it’s great value for money and the bag serves as a durable item to carry around. Driving. I love the classic black vegan leather shoulder bag and being able to wear it day and night makes it perfect for travel and ensures a product gets used as many times as possible.

Buy: amazon.com, $68 (originally $80).

Madewell Polo High

I like to see people in Japan wearing super thin jackets and they look very exposed but in a very understated and masculine way. To achieve this look, make sure your capsule wardrobe has durable versatile layers like the Everlane Cashmere Vest with a cute plaid tee or worn on its own. A classic jacket like this is the perfect quality because it adds sophistication that makes even the simplest outfit look so beautiful. However, other buyers have chosen the idea and it sells quickly, so I recommend buying a similar piece that can be worn on its own or over a shirt, like the polo shirt from Madewell, which is great for any outfit. Seasons.

Buy: madewell.com, $68

Everlane brings back useful jeans

When I went to Japan I was sure I only needed one pair of jeans and this one from Everlane fit perfectly. These jeans have a comfortable fit and high waist for my daughter who wants something slimmer in the waist. I love dark colors because they can be worn for an evening with a black blazer and a nice shirt. I’ve noticed that in Japan it’s common to wear darker colors and softer silhouettes and I absolutely love the quality, fit and color of these Everlane jeans.

Buy: everlane.com, $118

Checked cotton t-shirt.

You can’t go wrong with a classic straight t-shirt. This figure sits on the hips making it perfect for dressing up and dressing down. With a classic crew neck and pockets, this 100% organic cotton t-shirt from Everlane is a very lightweight piece to add to your basic wardrobe. Personally, I love how you can wear something as simple as a Japanese-inspired white t-shirt, and you can transform this basic outfit by layering it over one of the jackets or coats mentioned above. To a chic Japanese-inspired look. .

Buy: everlane.com, $30

Sam Edelman slingback pumps

I saw many women (of all ages) wearing different heels on their way to work during the morning coffee tour. When you’re walking around a busy city like Tokyo, you need your high heels to keep you on your feet all day. I’m obsessed with cute yet functional wedge pumps, and these heels are under 2.5 inches, making them the perfect accessory. When traveling light and sticking to a capsule wardrobe, you want to make sure your clothes are as comfortable as possible. It’s possible, and I love that these Sam Edelman Bianca wedge pumps can be kept on or off depending on your mood.

Buy: samedelman.com and zappos.com, $140.

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