10 Things In Tech: The End Of Coding As We Know It, Why The 4day Workweek Works, And Wild Kittyhawk Designs

Hello readers. Hallam Pollock, London-based editor of the Insider newspaper.

When we met last week, I asked for your opinion on a CEO who seemed to applaud an employee who sold the family dog ​​to meet workplace expectations.

Some of you may be thinking, “Selling pets for business?!” You will be surprised. Others were outraged: “Pets are family!” But you all have something to share (even photos of special pets!).

This week I want to share some great stories from our performance team. Insiders explore today’s hottest topics and insights through our conversational journalism, so expect thought-provoking insights based on analysis, reporting and experience.

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1. AI is here for software developers and business will never be the same again. Tech companies have quickly embraced generative AI, realizing its potential to complement programming, Insider Aki Ito writes. And for better or worse, this was the end of coding as we know it. Read the full story. 2. The work week lasts up to four days, experts say it could be less. Growing evidence shows that shorter work weeks prevent employee burnout, promote healthier jobs, and increase company productivity. We are looking for why it works.

3. See Land Vehicles Designed by Kittyhawk Kittyhawk; Larry Page’s flying car company shut down in September. But Insider was able to get their hands on some of his most ambitious plans and designs, including a car that a former employee described as a “reversed Boba Fett.” Look here.

4. Cheeky real estate agent account. As home sales slow and listings dwindle, real estate agents know who’s been holding on for too long and who’s been snapped up. Here’s our full report.

5. Social media loves to hate people who engage in level marketing schemes. Popularized by brands like Tupperware, Mary Kay and Amway, the MLM model has been around for decades. But most of the online anger at MLMs is directed at members, not scammers; The organization works in a way that degrades women’s work. Read more

6. He risked his life in the battle with Ozympic. Weight loss drugs like Ozempic are revolutionary, but high costs and insurance barriers keep them out of reach for many people who need them most. Read more here.

7. Intercepting uncontrollable traffic that paves the way for self-driving cars. As self-driving cars demand smarter roads, engineers plan to adapt road infrastructure to manage the flow of people and robots. Immerse yourself in the whole story.

8. How much attention should you give to your work? It will burn you too much. Few leave you alone. Finding the right balance can be difficult. But finding that balance now may be more difficult than it was a year ago or in recent memory. Here is our full report

9. Drug addiction is behind America’s homelessness. . There are over two billion parking spaces in America. All this unused space leads to urban waste, reduced development and rising housing prices. that’s why.

10. “I’m addicted to apps that help me turn my most ambitious goals into routines.” Are there any problems with diet? Heading to the gym to learn how to play the guitar? If you’re trying to get into a new habit, we’ve got a story for you. Shubham Agarwal has found that habit tracking apps can help him create new habits, but there’s a downside. Read more

Today’s team: Hallam Pollock in London and Lisa Ryan and Bob Bryan in New York.

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