Woody Harrelson Reversed His Own Politics For ‘White House Plumbers’

Woody Harrelson says he had to find a way to deal with politics for his character in HBO’s new Watergate thriller. White House Plumber .

Harrelson played E. Howard Hunt in the show, one of the men sent to prison for his role in the Watergate scandal. He is joined by Justine Theroux as partner Gordon Liddy and Lena Headey as Dorothy, Hunt’s wife.

While the story of Watergate has been told many times over the decades, White House Plumber It’s a funny political thriller about an event that rocked Washington DC in the 1970s, making it one of the few comedies. When it was revealed that Richard Nixon had ordered FBI and CIA agents to break into Democratic Party offices, tap phones and steal documents.

E. Howard Hunt was a CIA officer later assigned to President Nixon’s Special Investigations Team and was deeply loyal. News week He asked Harrelson what it was like to play a character who strongly opposes his policies.

“Yeah, I’m more of a Marxist than a fascist,” Harrelson said. Interview with Newsweek . “Yes, I feel that there is a big gap in the distance.” “One of the areas I connected with Hunt was his relationship with his family… I understand the concept that you’re away from your family because you go to work. You have a box mentality, but I understand the family dynamic. .

Theroux had the same task of playing Gordon Liddy, who, along with Hunt, organizes a burglary of the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in the Watergate building.

“Like Woody, I don’t think I have a personal resemblance to H. Gordon Liddy, at least not romantically,” Theroux said. News week . “I think to play any character, whether you like it or not, you have to like it, and that was the case with Lydie.”

Theru says I understand our lady’s story was interesting. “For a woman with a hockey stick, his trajectory is high. Even as he goes to jail, he says, “It’s great we’re in jail because of Nixon.” He should be a martyr, so I admire his optimism. This is quality. What I want to have in my life.

Theroux added: “Leed was very angry, he was happy to betray his country to what he saw as a better country.” I think it’s different for everyone.

Woody Harrelson “Purple”

Oscar-nominated actor Harrelson has been outspoken about his policies in the past, publicly condemning President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama when they disagreed with them.

“I’m a liberal and a conservative. I’m not blue or red, I’m purple. So I don’t lean towards either,” Harrelson said after being asked if he was leading liberal representation politics. Mocking Republicans: “It’s Just a Case for a Funny Story.”

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