Louisiana Entertainment Development Fund Awards Grant To #CreateLouisiana’s Program

A program that provides funding to filmmakers to promote French culture in Louisiana has received an award and grant from the Louisiana Entertainment Development Fund.

#Create Louisiana will receive $36,500 for mentorship, education and personal development through the French Cultural Film Grant Program.

#Louisiana created the Create French Culture Film Grant Program in 2017 to showcase the state’s deep connection to French and Francophone culture and to share the story of Louisiana’s French heritage with national and international audiences.

LED Secretary Don Pearson said, “#CreateLouisiana has an incredible history of developing Louisiana-born talent and supporting our state’s entertainment community.” Through grants and mentorship, the organization helps Louisiana filmmakers create and share stories that contribute to our creative industries. This latest award from the Louisiana Recreation Development Fund will strengthen those efforts in the coming months. »

#CreateLouisiana awards an annual grant of $25,000 to a group of Louisiana filmmakers to produce a short or feature-length documentary focusing on French culture and talent. Awarded by Louisiana Entertainment Development, French Cultural Film Scholarship recipients will be used for hands-on education and training by experienced filmmakers.

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The EDF Award allows selected filmmakers to create #Louisiana and receive mentoring and other support from filmmakers at Deep South Studios in New Orleans.

“Louisiana’s culture is an invaluable economic asset, and that includes our native language,” said Peggy Feehan, executive director of the French Development Council of Louisiana (CODOFIL). “As CODOFIL strives to preserve, promote and develop our nation’s unique linguistic heritage, we are pleased to see that the films created with the support of the French Cultural Film Grant are a true asset to the French and Creole languages ​​in Louisiana. A significant investment in the idea, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with #CreateLouisiana.

This is the 12th Entertainment Development Fund Award given by LED since the program’s inception. In the past, awards have been given to higher education institutions and nonprofit community programs in Shreveport, Natchitoches, Lafayette, Thibodeau, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Meredith G. White is an arts and culture reporter for the Shreveport Times. Find her on Facebook. Meredith G. White can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @meredithgwhite and can be emailed [email protected] .

This article originally appeared in the Shreveport Times; The organization receives funding to promote French culture in Louisiana

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