A Comprehensive List Of 2023 Tech Layoffs

Last year’s technology countdown continues. In the year Another layoff in 2023 puts tens of thousands of tech workers out of a job. This time the layoffs came from some of the biggest names in tech like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Zoom. Startups have announced layoffs in everything from crypto to enterprise SaaS.

The reasons for this workforce reduction are derived from the overall situation, citing the macroeconomic environment and the need to find discipline in the way of profitability. However, tracking layoffs can help us understand the impact of innovation, which companies are under more pressure, and which businesses are more likely to hire for growth. It’s also a sad reminder of the impact of layoffs on people and how the risk profile will change from here.

Below you’ll find a full list of all the popular tech cuts happening in 2023, updated monthly. If you have layoff tips, contact us here. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can contact us here.

According to Layoffs.fyi, the total number of layoffs for 2023 is 168,243 based on the full month to date. According to the tractor, the number of technical cuts this year will exceed the total number of job cuts in 2022.

April 2023


On April 25, it was announced that Rapid, formerly known as RapidAPI, was cutting 50% of its workforce. An estimated 115 people were injured.

Anthem Group:

On April 25, it announced that it would lay off 16 people, or 28% of its workforce.

A ramp

On April 21, it was announced that employees will be notified by email whether they have a job or not, which will be sent on April 27.

Lyft did not disclose the number of people it laid off. The WSJ report, citing unnamed sources, said about 1,200 workers were affected, or 30% of the total workforce.


On April 18, it was announced that 10,000 jobs will be cut in the coming months. That’s up from 11,000 job cuts in November.


On April 13, it announced it was laying off 201 workers, about 4 percent of its workforce. This is the third time the Seattle-based real estate company has laid off workers since June.


On April 3, Bloomberg reported that Apple is cutting smaller roles in its retail team.

March 2023


In a March 31 announcement, Netflix confirmed “a number of layoffs,” including two senior executives. The exact number of employees is not known. Netflix is ​​scheduled to report its first quarter 2023 results on April 18.


On March 30, the company announced layoffs of nearly 200 employees, or 6 percent of its workforce. In November, the company laid off 200 American workers.


In the year On March 30, the company announced it was cutting more than 350 jobs, or 12 percent of its workforce, four months after cutting nearly 350 jobs in November.

Change technology

In the year On March 29, the company announced that it would lay off 30% of its workforce in the first quarter of 2023.


On March 28, the company announced it was laying off 1,300 employees, or 18 percent of its workforce, through the end of the second quarter of 2023.


In the year On March 28, the company announced that it had cut more than 100 jobs in the South Asian market, laying off its entire engineering team in India. A spokesperson for GitHub told TechCrunch that the deals were the company’s 2018 release. It is part of a reduction plan that began in February to cut 10 percent of its workforce by the end of the first quarter of 2023.


In an internal memo to employees on March 27, Disney said there will be three phases of layoffs, the first of which will begin this week. The job cuts announced in February will affect about 7,000 workers.

Sales Department:

On March 24, Bloomberg reported that additional positions at Salesforce may be on the way, citing Chief Operating Officer Brian Milam as the company’s ongoing layoffs at CRM and technology in general. If a cut occurs, it will decrease by more than 10% in January.


On March 23, it announced plans to cut 19,000 jobs, or 2.5 percent of its workforce.

of course

On March 22, it announced that it would lay off 2,200 workers, or 15% of its workforce.

Roof covering

On March 22, it announced it was laying off 27% of its workforce, about 100 workers.

He was surprised

On March 20, the company announced that it had laid off 400 workers.


Another significant cut was announced on March 20, when 9,000 people will be out of a job. About 10% of today’s total comes from AWS, according to TechCrunch. As part of the new cuts, Amazon is shutting down DPReview.

Residential area

In the year On March 20, the company announced it was laying off at least 100 employees, representing approximately 2% of the company’s workforce.

Course hero

On March 16, it announced a 15 percent reduction in its workforce, or 42 people.


On March 15, the company announced that it was laying off 140 employees across all teams.


As part of its latest 10,000 job layoff announcement, Microsoft has laid off an entire team dedicated to advancing AI innovation that leads to ethical, responsible and sustainable results. On March 27, Microsoft laid off 559 workers at its Bellevue and Redmond companies.


CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed on March 14 that the company will cut 10,000 unfilled jobs and nearly 5,000 positions.

Y competitor

On March 13, it was announced that 20% of employees, or 17 team members, would be affected.

Salesforce… continues

Salesforce first announced in January that it would lay off 10 percent of its workforce, but some employees didn’t find out until February. In the week beginning March 10, more employees will be notified of layoffs. Salesforce confirms that this deduction represents a 10% share.


On March 6, Atlassian announced that it would lay off about 500 employees, or 5 percent of its total workforce.


On March 6, the company announced that it had laid off 475 employees, or 8% of its total workforce.


The Nigerian B2B e-commerce platform has more than 2,000 employees ahead of the first round of layoffs in September 2022. On March 6, the company confirmed that Alerzo was laying off 15% of its full-time workforce, leaving around 800 employees. The beginning.


The company announced on March 1 that it was laying off 15% of its workforce, about 285 employees.


Alphabet Waymo announced its second round of layoffs this year on March 1. Following initial layoffs in January, the privately held technology company is cutting 8 percent of its workforce, or 209 employees.


In the year On March 1, it was announced that the company was laying off 4% of its global workforce, or about 500 employees.

February 2023


In the year On February 26, the company announced that it had laid off more than 200 employees, including Esther Crawford, Haraldur Torlifsson and Leah Culver. In October of last year, Musk took control of Twitter, the company’s core stock fell by more than 70%.

Dust mask

In the year In a February 24 announcement, Poshmark confirmed to TechCrunch that less than 2 percent of its workforce, mainly in the US, was affected. The company has more than 800 employees.

Green lab

We do not have exact figures on how many employees Green Labs plans to lay off. Green Labs confirmed to TechCrunch that it is making a series of layoffs that could affect at least 50% of its employees.


The African Cross-Border Payments Forum announced on February 20 the second round of layoffs in 10 weeks after cutting 12.5 percent of its workforce. Chipper Cash has cut about 100 employees, about a third of its workforce.


In the year On February 17, the company confirmed the layoffs of 129 people.


In the year On February 16, the company announced it would cut 20 percent of its workforce, or more than 900 positions, in 11 markets during the fourth quarter of 2022.


In the year On February 16, the company announced the closure of its Atlanta office as part of a restructuring. This is the third time the company has laid off workers in less than a year.


In the year On February 15, the company announced that 4% of its global workforce, or more than 100 employees, would be affected.

I am a robot.

In the year On February 13, the company announced that it would lay off 7 percent of its workforce, or 85 employees.


It was announced on February 13 that it affects about 1,400 people, 17% of the global workforce.


In the year Announced on February 9, 10% of employees will be affected by the end of the company’s financial year. Before Fortune’s first announcement, GitHub had about 3,000 employees.


On February 9, the company announced a 20% layoff affecting 1,600 employees in the advertising business. Yahoo is the parent company of TechCrunch.


In the year On February 9, he announced a 7 percent reduction in headcount. As of February 9, the layoffs will affect 114 people, although the number will depend on the actual number.

prove it

On February 8, the company announced it would cut its workforce by 19 percent, or around 500 employees, and close its crypto division.


In the year


Vinfant did not say how many employees were cut, but said “about 35 roles” were affected from the former LinkedIn employee post. It was announced on February 6.


In the year

come back

On February 2, 10% of employees, about 42 employees, was announced.


On February 2, 150 workers were reported injured. This is the second layoff in a matter of weeks, following the first in December 2022.


On February 1, the company announced a 6% reduction in its workforce for the second time in less than a year.

January 2023

Sophie’s technology

As of January 31, 65 job cuts have been announced, which is about 5% of the 1,300 workforce. This was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.


It was announced on January 31 and will affect 8% of the workforce, or 960 people.


Another 500 workers were notified on January 31. The company said these new holidays will cover the first two quarters of 2023.

Impossible food

Bloomberg reports that 20% of the workforce will be affected, with more than 100 employees.


As of Jan. 30, nearly 2,000 full-time workers, or 7 percent of the workforce, were reportedly affected.


Announced on January 30 with a new CEO, the company is cutting 50% of its workforce of 800 employees worldwide.


According to The Information and reports from LinkedIn and Blind, Alphabet’s self-managed technology division quietly laid off employees on January 24. It’s unclear how many Waymo employees will be affected.


Announced on January 23rd, it will affect 6% of the global workforce of around 600 employees.


Google’s parent company announced on January 21 that it was laying off 12,000 employees, or 6% of its global workforce. The outage affects departments such as Area 120, Google’s internal incubator, and Alphabet’s internal, robotics division.


The entertainment company announced on January 20 that an undisclosed number of employees were affected by multiple properties. According to a Variety report, the company employs about 500 people, with the layoffs affecting 10 percent of workers in various locations.


On January 20, it was announced that 380 jobs would stop and the meat market would be closed.


On January 18, it announced layoffs of about 450 people, representing 10 percent of its global workforce.


It will affect 10,000 workers as announced on January 18.


On January 18, 70% of the workforce was laid off.


The layoff, announced on January 17, will affect 30 percent of all team employees.

Share a conversation:

ShareChat announced on January 15 that it was laying off 20 percent of its workforce, or more than 400 employees, a month after eliminating more than 100 roles.

Modern News:

On January 12, it announced that it would cut its workforce in the US and China by 40%, or 120 people.


Alphabet’s robotics software company Intrinsic is laying off 40 employees, TechCrunch confirmed on January 12th. This is about 20% of the workforce.

Green light

The fintech startup, which offers debit cards for kids, laid off 104 employees on Jan. 12, or more than 21% of its 485 employees.

Career Karma

Learning and teaching platform Muya Karma laid off another 22 people globally and locally on January 12.

Live TV:

The company announced on January 12 that it plans to lay off 10% of its management staff by January 20.


On January 11, the company announced that it was cutting 7% of its global workforce, or 450 employees.


The wealth management platform announced a 10% layoff on January 11. According to LinkedIn, about 200 employees may be affected by the layoffs.


On January 11, 33 people were injured.

Currency Basis:

On January 10, it announced 950 job cuts, or 20% of its workforce, and the termination of “some” projects. This is the second round of major layoffs at the crypto exchange, where 18% of its employees, or about 1,100 people, have been laid off. Work in June last year.

very rarely;

NFT Markets announced on January 6 that it is laying off 30% of its staff.


It was announced on January 5, eliminating more than 18,000 roles. The announcement extends the previously announced reduction period to November 2022. On January 19, the company announced that it would shut down AmazonSmile.

Sales Department:

On January 4, the company announced that it will reduce its workforce by 10%, which will affect more than 7,000 employees. A month later, several new Salesforce employees found out they were participating in a 10% vacation promotion.


On January 4, an 11% reduction in the number of employees was announced.

What caused the massive technical disruption?

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