SciFi Thriller Starring Danielle Deadwyler, Aldis Hodge And Edwin Hodge Acquired By Vertical Entertainment – Daily Top Times

Acquired vertical entertainment rights parallel, Sci-fi starring Daniel Didweiler and the Aldis brothers and Edwin Hodge.

The film is directed by Kourosh Ahari and written by Jonathan Casey and Aldis Hodge.

Parallel It’s a renaissance. Lei Zheng’s award-winning Chinese film Parallel Forest.

This film is a new project for Hodge Brothers Productions.

Here is a parallel log line:

It follows the story of Vanessa (Didwiler), who retreats to her family’s lakeside home to mourn the death of her son. Along with her husband Alex (Aldis Hodge) and brother Martel (Edwin Hodge), Vanessa struggles to find some sense of normalcy after a tragedy. But soon after arriving, she disappeared when she was attacked by a parallel version of her world. Confronted with the reality of a multiverse existence, she must come to terms with the fact that these parallel portals either hold the key to releasing her pain or lock her away forever.

it will be Produced By Sean Lydiard, Jaylen Moore, Edwin Hodge, Aldis Hodge, Jonathan Casey, Elliott Michael Smith, and Anne Chang.

Executive Producers: Richie Doyle, Raga Collins, Giovanna Burke, Danielle Didwiler, Li Cheng, Chengzi Li, Alex Brito, Randall J. Bacon and Joseph Lanios, Peter Garrow, Rich Goldberg and Christine Harris include Bonditt, Luke Taylor and Matt Helderman. Additional executive editors are Danny R. Carmona, Alex Farnham, Charles H. Hague, Dean Chesky, Michelle Schoness, Chris Meyer, Ron Baptiste, and Ray Coleman.

Commenting on the deal, RumbleRiot’s Sean Ledyard said, “We were looking for a distributor who shared the same passion as Parallel as filmmakers, and Vertical’s passion convinced us we had found a true partner who truly understands and shares our passion. Vision.”

Commenting on the announcement, Vertical Partner Peter Yarrow said: “When the opportunity arose to partner with Parallels, we jumped at the chance. With highly acclaimed source material and a brilliant screenplay adaptation, we know it will be a winner for everyone,” he said, along with director Kourosh Ahari. This is a great fit for the vertical and we look forward to working with Aldis, Edwin and their team for years to come.

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