Coachella 2023: Blackpinks Success Has Kpop Fans Hoping For More Asian Music And Representation

When Xander Benitez found out Blackpink was headlining this year’s Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival, it wasn’t difficult for him to fly in with two friends from his small town near Sarasota, Florida. .

“It’s crazy,” Benitez, 21, said.

She, Johnny Leyva (21) and Edward Sebastian (31) were spotted out and about on the festival grounds during Blackpink’s opening weekend on Saturday, April 15. Like many fans of the K-pop girl group, they took Blackpink quite literally when choosing outfits for the day.

Sebastian talked about the rise in popularity of K-pop artists in recent years, not just K-pop artists like Blackpink and BTS. , but Asian artists in general. . Blackpink will return to headline Coachella Weekend 2 on Saturday, April 22, and has announced a tour stop at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on August 26.

“Musical culture is related to different cultures,” he said. “It’s cultural renewal. I feel like[Coachella]is trying to move with the culture.”

The duo called Leva the biggest Blackpink and K-pop fan of the three, looking down from a black cowgirl hat that proudly held the flag to a Blackpink bar towel.

Leva talked about the change that not only made Blackpink headline Saturday’s Coachella festival, but also made Bad Bunny’s Latin debut on Friday.

“He’s my little daddy,” Leva says of Bad Bunny, who says he’s found new life after a long, hot Friday. “I got in and got ready to go. My feet hurt. But a bad rabbit.”

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Dozens of fans lined up patiently at BLACKPINK’s merchandise booth to purchase memorabilia related to the historic day. T-shirts, bobs, and especially Blue-Ping Bang, black and pink hammer-like fans float through the air during performances.

“It wasn’t a hard decision,” said Thai citizen Kanikar Sanrak, who now lives in New York to buy the ticket. “Music brings people together. They love rhythm and they love music.”

Of course, Blackpink wasn’t the only Asian band at Coachella this year. Taiwanese jazz-pop group Sunset Rollercoaster performed at the Sonora Tent on Saturday minutes before K-Pop girl group took to the main stage.

Sunday’s headline shows include popular Asian artists including Jackson Wang and DPR Live + DPR Ian, who has performed at the Head In The Clouds Asian Music Festival in Pasadena for the past few years.

He left the truck after being bought by Marissa Jimenez, an Austin nurse named Susie Jimenez, a doctor from Dallas, Texas.

“She’s a Blackpink fan, I’m a Bad Bunny fan, it worked out,” Suzy Jimenez said of their decision to go to Coachella this year.

“I still don’t understand half of their music,” Marissa Jimenez said of how she fell in love with BlackPin after seeing them on a TV show. But they make me feel good.

One of the things Jimenez noticed and admired about the K-pop scene was the nostalgia of these new boy and girl groups, which made him feel like the American boy groups of his youth.

Both believe that the reach of K-pop and other pop music from around the world will continue to grow.

“It’s interesting to think about what music will be like five or ten years from now,” Jimenez said.

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