One Fine Morning Film Review — Løve Letter To Paris, French Film And Léa Seydoux

France is old, but Paris still looks like a playground this spring. Lessons include A good morning Lea Hansen-Lowe’s lively new film, starring Lea Seydoux as Sandra, an interpreter of action bags, and Jane Seberg. Breathless Hair style. The lifestyle is simple, but the city he calls home is beautiful. The trees whisper in the endless sun, the lakes glisten, sail in them. A trip to the Orangery Museum? Ice cream on your side? But yes !

However, the capital of France also puts sadness in the background. Everything plays a dual role in this gentle and clever film: tragic and playful, charged and weightless.

The source of grief is Sandra’s father, George (Pascal Gregory), a former philosophy professor who is now blind. There are memories of Paris left over from this picture book. But worse, the memory itself fails. He has Benson syndrome, a form of Alzheimer’s disease that requires vision. So in an apartment still filled with light and books, Sandra, a single mother, strikes up a conversation with her son, whose father died a few years ago.

Before she gave her name in such films Eden And good bye First love Hansen-Lowe has been busy making films about herself. Here she talks about trying to take care of her father, Ole Hansen-Lowe, when he was diagnosed with Benson syndrome. But the movie is never bad, just painful at times. The air is filled with sadness. Smooth process.

Sandra takes care of her father with love. Moreover, he is the only one who attracts attention in the big family. Seydoux offers two characteristics: star personality and strong practicality. This is what people have to learn when they are in Sandra’s position and find themselves caught between children and dependent parents.

When you try to live. If the film’s dreamy Paris seems flat, the same can be said of Clement (Melville Pupo), the platonic lover Sandra meets. The amazing “Cosmochemist” often visits the Arctic, which allows him to demonstrate his mass measurement. His wife is an obstacle.

What would French cinema do without married men? But again, Hansen-Lowe makes the familiar new. A good morning It’s a first-rate domestic drama brought to life by Seydoux with exceptional precision. Similar themes of change, time and memory are explored through a broader lens. There are ominous signs of the modern context. Sandra’s daughter jumped with joy from the school shooter. Sandra’s mother Françoise (Nicole Garcia) remembers. Yellow dresses When you join the chaotic protest. (Emmanuel Macron’s portrait is a fake.) People age, but here all of middle-class Parisian lifestyle is presented as a beautiful, perhaps permanent bubble.

The same can be said about the Hansen-Leve school of European art films. With this Sebergian haircut, Seydoux dives into film history when he says that every story should (but doesn’t have to) have a beginning, middle, and end, before George utters a Jean-Luc Gord line. Goddard’s In 2022, the same year he died, call it a poetic coincidence. Good morning It was done. But the movie delivers the message. Even if you put it in the middle, each end is also the beginning.


In UK cinemas April 14.

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