Author Jens Heycke Warns About Identity Politics Over Individualism: It Will End With ‘catastrophic Results’

Author Jens Hecki talks about the importance of a shared identity.



From the Melting Pot, Into the Fire, author Jens Hecki calls for a shift toward collective identity rather than multiculturalism.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Haykey said there is a growing focus on cultural divisions along racial and ethnic lines, especially among mainstream progressives, away from a single cultural identity.

In his historical research, Heike emphasized that it is common identity that enriches society, not the resulting division.

“I think it is important to remember [national heritage]But creating a shared identity is important and this book shows that. It shows what makes society work. What makes them successful is when they all have it. Everyone understands that they are in the same group. That is why my book talks about such people. “I hope this will make them think, narrow the differences a little bit, forget the differences and remember what we all have in common as Americans,” Hayek said.

Author Jens Heike spoke to Fox News Digital about his book From Crucible to Fire.  Fox News © Fox News Writer Jens Heike spoke with Fox News Digital about his book Melting Pot, Into Fire. Fox News

Forget China. This is America’s greatest challenge.

Drawing on stories from countries such as Sri Lanka and Rwanda, the author describes the social unrest and failure caused by the consolidation of communities.

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“What happens when you divide people into different groups, people lose their sense of community, you know, the public contributions that make society a good place to live. And people come down and think about their group more than society. One of the things that my book shows is that it has a big impact and that’s what happens in a lot of societies. You see, like In racially divided countries like Nigeria and Brazil, you know this society, there’s no sense of community, which makes it a bad place to live,” Hayek said.

He added, “And we can travel around the world and whenever you isolate people as a group, not as individuals, you often get disastrous results. That’s human nature. You share that, that tribal instinct, you wake up with that dark tribal instinct. . . .

In years such as the Rwandan genocide in 1994, Hay warned of the dangers of multiculturalism.

Race relations are at a 20-year low.  REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein © Provided by Fox News Race relations are at their lowest level in 20 years. REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

Professor and economist Glenn Lurie spoke candidly about race relations in America.

“Bringing people together makes ordinary people do very bad things. It awakens something dark in the human soul that makes people hate each other.

While Haye did not suggest that multiculturalism in the United States could lead to genocide, he expressed dismay that race relations in the country are less negative than they were 20 years ago.

“He said we did something wrong. You know, this was a period when we had a black president for two terms. But people’s views on race relations in this country have gone down a lot. You see, it’s hurtful to me. We see it. And I’m not directly affected. It’s about identity politics. By concentrating, we make people think only as a group and think as a nation,” Heike said.

However, he remains optimistic, especially regarding the book’s publication.

“I hope this awakens the community to how important it is for us to have a sense of community and for everyone to participate,” Hayek said.

Heiki talks about the impact of multiculturalism on history.  AP/Paul Beatty photo © AP Photo/Paul Beatty Heiki talks about the impact of multiculturalism on history. AP/Paul Beatty photo

It will be released Tuesday from Melting on Fire. Before publication, the book received favorable reviews from Hoover Institution senior researcher Victor Davis Hansen.

“Kurt Hayek’s Jeans offers a careful, critical, and bold defense of the melting pot of antiquity in 21st-century America. The data and analysis show how and why only the assimilation model integrates disparate ethnic groups into a single national identity. “General. Beyond the cross, his entry into the fire is a serious warning to the Western democracies in trouble who have foolishly rejected the pot that ensured their existence and prosperity,” Hanson wrote.

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