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First came the world’s largest booze, then the nostalgic amusements that transported diners to the early 1900s. NEW ATTRACTION SMOKY MOUNTAINS, 407: ADVENTURE GATE OPENS.

Construction began April 11 on Smoky Gap Development at Interstate 40 Exit 407 in Sevierville, a recreation area adjacent to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Chimney Gap will be American themed, centered on Main Street, with attractions, restaurants, retail stores and a large clock tower. Popular attractions include a leisure centre.

“407: The Gateway to Adventure – and the Smoky Gap neighborhood – elevates the entire Smoky Mountains tourism market,” said Chris McCoy, Kitua’s president of marketing, in a press release.

The $250 million import experience is owned by Kitua LLC, part of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Knoxville-based OE Experiences is the development partner, with Johnson Architecture as the designer and Joseph Construction overseeing construction.

“We recognize that we as the Cherokee people have a very unique story to tell,” Richard Snead, chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, told reporters at an April 11 news conference.

“Since the 1940s, the Eastern Cherokee Band has understood the power of tourism and the power of telling our stories and the power of family and traveling together,” he said.

The 200-acre development sits along the highway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most visited national park in the nation.

Smoky Gap, the first chapter of 407: Adventure Intro, will be released in 2025.

Things to do in the smoking gap

The 20-acre Cigar Gap District is part of the first phase of the 407 project, which includes entertainment, dining and shopping. Construction will begin on June 5 with the first phase of the world’s largest Buc-ee.

These are the next level 407 attractions:

  • The Marriott Courtyard Hotel will open in 2025.

  • Smoke Gap, an entertainment, dining and retail district, will open in 2025.

  • An underwater experience developed by the European entertainment company Puy Du Fu

  • The chimney will open in 2025.

“It’s really unlike anything we’ve seen in this market,” Matthew Cross, the practice’s chief executive, told reporters. “Experiences and moments are emphasized.”

Puy du Fou – dominated by storytelling rather than walking – contributes to a uniquely immersive experience.

“Live Street Show” lights and projections, 30-minute guided tours, light speakers and scheduled events create a unique experience. The immersive landscape changes throughout the year and 407 tenants create their own programs.

When does the adventure entrance open?

Buc-ee Travel Center will be the first 407 Destination: Adventure to open its doors for business. The grand opening is June 5, a spokesperson told Knox News.

The 74,000 square foot Sevierville location will soon be Book E’s largest to open in Texas. The travel center will be open 24 hours a day and will have 120 gas stations and 250 meters of car washes.

What does the second step entail?

The second phase of the 407 Dive Project will have “First Night Destination”. As Kitua is the largest shareholder in Sports Illustrated Resorts, Kitua CEO Mark Hubble indicated that a sports themed resort could be located in Area 407.

For all sports fans,… When (former NFL player) Emmitt Smith joins us for this unique sports-oriented resort and community, don’t be surprised by the size, scope and grandeur that this 200-plus acre sports-themed property has to offer. . Showing off,” he said.

The second phase of the massive 407 project “will begin as soon as possible,” Crooks told Knox News.

At Highway 407: A new 408 exit is planned as the Adventure entrance is completed.

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This article originally appeared in the Knoxville News Sentinel: Into Smoke Gap 407: Gateway to Adventure near Pigeon Forge.

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