David Crosbys Cause Of Death Revealed 11 Weeks After Music Icon Dies At 81

David Crosby © HollywoodLife courtesy of David Crosby

The famous singer passed away at the age of 81 due to the covid virus.

David Crosby His death from Covid-19 was revealed by his former teammate. Graham Nash Three months after his death in a new podcast interview. The veteran musician passed away on January 18 at the age of 81. Jean Dance And son Django . Graham revealed the cause of death. Kyle Meredith Former Nash bandmate Crosby Stills on Friday, April 7th in the podcast.

Speaking about his former bandmate, Graham revealed that he was getting ready for a gig when David fell ill with Covid and passed away in his sleep. “He rehearsed the show in LA with a full band,” he said. “Three days after the test he got a little sick. And he already had the Covid and he got sick again. And he decided to come home and rest and he never got up. But he went to bed. … And it’s unbelievable.”

In his obituary, David’s wife indicated that he had been ill for some time at the time of his death, but did not specify when exactly. “It is with great sadness that our beloved David (Cruise) Crosby has passed away after a long illness,” he said in a statement to Variety magazine.

David had many health problems throughout his life and also struggled with drugs; This may have caused some health problems. according to New York Times He was diagnosed with hepatitis C and type 2 diabetes. He underwent a liver transplant in 1994 and died in 1994.

Before his death, David gave his last live performance in 2019. She joined the singer-songwriter. Michelle Willis To work on her live album recorded in Toronto, Canada. Join for “Janet”, “Stirring”, “Glory” and the cover Joni Mitchell’s “Wood stock” is on Setlist.fm . It was the final copy. Live album at the Capitol Theater Released in November 2022.

David was one of the most popular musicians in the classic rock world, his music by Byrd and Crosby, Stills and Nash (later Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young) widely considered essential listening. Several musicians have paid tribute to the singer after her death, including former CSNY bandmates. Graham Nash and Neil Young . Graham, 80, admitted how tumultuous the couple’s relationship was but focused on the music they made together. “What will always mean more to me than anything else is the music we’ve made together, the sound we’ve found about each other, and the deep friendship we’ve shared over the years,” he wrote.

Neal, 77, called his former bandmate “the soul of CSNY” and said his music will live on. “David’s voice and energy were the backbone of our band. His best songs were about things we believed in and it was always fun and exciting when we played together, “We had a lot of good times, especially in the early years. Crosby helped me a lot when I was young, bringing together a lot of our experiences. David was a fan of a lot of things.

Death of David Crosby

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