This Week In Politics: Donald Trump Arrested; The ‘Tennessee Three’; Majorie Taylor Greene For Senate?

Americans have seen a former president imprisoned for the first time in history.

Donald Trump’s Submission to Law Enforcement: “When Are You?” It may be. A moment for the nation, raising several legal and political questions ahead of the 2024 presidential campaign.

The nearly three dozen charges that New York prosecutors filed this week against Trump will be at the center of American politics for months.

But the former president and his allies plan to fight back in a variety of ways, from the courts and the campaign trail to Congress, where Republicans are impeaching the former Manhattan attorney.

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Hundreds of miles to the south, a mass shooting in Tennessee this month that killed six people and sparked protests led to the impeachment of two Democratic lawmakers.

Meanwhile, Rep. Maj. Taylor Greene, GOP, is rising through the ranks in the House of Representatives, but could she make it to the other side of the Capitol as Georgia’s next senator?

The state continues to fight Roe v. Ford at the state level.

Wisconsin voters elected a liberal-leaning Supreme Court justice when Idaho enacted an early “abortion shopping” law heralded by anti-abortion activists.

And while First Lady Jill Biden didn’t expect to find herself embroiled in an awkward cultural debate after attending a basketball game, she did when she proposed inviting the winners and losers of the NCAA Women’s Championship to the White House.

What’s happening in politics this week?

  • Donald Trump has pleaded not guilty to up to 34 charges in a New York case involving “catch and kill” to cover up damaging information and illegal activities before the 2016 election, prosecutors said.

  • Two of the three Democratic-Republican Tennessee lawmakers facing impeachment have been forced out of office after disrupting a meeting during an anti-gun protest.

  • Representative Major Taylor Greene, one of the most controversial members of Congress, has been nominated to run for the US Senate under Trump’s pressure. Does he want it or not?

  • Fired by criticism, first lady Jill Biden was forced to retire after inviting the 2023 NCAA women’s championship runner-up to the White House.

  • Wisconsin voters vote to support abortion as Janet Protasevic runs for the state Supreme Court.

  • Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed into law what many believe is the first anti-abortion trade act.

Trump’s indictment and arrest shocked America

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s indictment against Trump will test the stability of the American justice system and its political morals.

The judge, who faced death threats from Bragg during the trial, warned Trump to be careful with his language. “He should not have made statements that could incite violence and civil unrest,” the former president said.

The case refers to a $130,000 hush-hush payment by then-Trump campaigner Michael Cohen to veteran movie star Stormy Daniels.

Prosecutors said he paid $30,000 to a former Trump Tower security guard who “admitted to having a history of children born to Trump out of wedlock.”

Political. House committee to subpoena former New York attorney in Trump’s criminal case

Moreover. Donald Trump is looking to launch several legal challenges after his impeachment in New York on Tuesday.

But even Trump critics like Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, have expressed doubts that Bragg has provided enough new information to support such a serious allegation.

The Tennessee Republican Party expelled 2 Democrats.

A Tennessee lawmaker drew the attention of President Joe Biden and the nation when Republicans fired two of three Democrats accused of “disorderly conduct” at gun reform rallies.

After several hours of heated debate between lawmakers, the Tennessee House fired Reps. Justin Jones of Nashville and Justin Pearson of Memphis for violating the code of conduct.

But the Volunteer State GOP narrowly defeated Rep. Gloria Johnson of Knoxville, who is white. He narrowly escaped eviction.

Republicans were furious with the three for protesting loudly through megaphones on March 30.

Thousands gathered at the Capitol to demand gun bans after the Nashville Covenant School mass shooting that killed six people, including three children.

Political. A protest has been announced at the Tennessee Capitol. Here’s what happened and what didn’t.

Moreover. Who are the “TNCA Three”? What you need to know about the Republican impeachment of House Democrats

“Instead of addressing the root of the issue,” Biden said in a statement, “these Republican lawmakers voted to punish, suspend and impeach the elected representatives of the people of Tennessee.”

MTG for the Senate.

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green has become a strong voice in Congress today.

But Trump When the Georgia congressman suggested he run for the US Senate in 2026, he wanted her to stand tall. “I would die for you,” he said.

Green was impressed with the idea, and Democrats loved the idea.

Moreover. Marjorie Taylor Green compared Trump to Jesus before he was arrested and sentenced in New York.

“We’re going to beat them,” David Bergstein, a spokesman for the Democratic Senate Nomination Committee, told USA Today.

Angel Reese of LSU knocks out Jill Biden

The first lady got the idea after watching Louisiana State beat Iowa State in the NCAA Women’s Championship.

“I know champions come to the White House, we always do. So I hope LSU does,” Jill Biden said. They’ve been playing so well, I’ll tell Joe to come to Iowa.

Usually the winners of the championship are invited to the White House, but never the losers.

It didn’t sit well with LSU star Angel Reese, the Final Four’s most popular player, who responded to the first lady’s criticism of Iowa State star Caitlin Clark late in the game. Clark himself once used a similar taunting move during the NCAA tournament.

If Iowa wins, Reese said he would not make the offer to Biden, who returned this week as a White House spokesman.

“(Iowa) could be the center of attention. We’re going to Obama,” Reese added. “We’re looking at Michelle. We’re looking at Barack.”

However, LSU’s athletic department said the team would accept the invitation.

Idaho and Wisconsin highlight the ongoing fight against abortion

Idaho and Wisconsin took very different approaches to abortion this week, separated by more than 1,200 physical miles.

Wisconsin voters elected Judge Janet Protasiewicz of Milwaukee to the state Supreme Court, perhaps pushing in a more liberal direction before she overturned a pre-Civil War law that barred abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

Selection: Wisconsin Supreme Court Election. Liberal victory on abortion, legislative maps and what 2024 means.

But anti-abortion activists had reason to celebrate when Idaho passed what many conservatives call the first law to restrict the “abortion business.”

Under the new law, adults are prohibited from giving abortion pills to minors and cannot help transport them across state lines without the consent of a parent or guardian. .

Penalties include two to five years in prison and assault by a parent or guardian of a minor.

This article was originally published by USA TODAY. This week in politics. Trump was arrested. 2 fired from the “Tennessee Three.”

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