The 11 Best And Unique Places To Travel In July, According To Experts

It’s sunny, school’s out, it’s vacation time, and July is the perfect time.

Despite the warm weather where you call home, July can be a great month to travel, both domestically and abroad.

When the kids are out of school, you have a lot of flexibility, plus you can use things like a long 4th of July weekend to get an extra day off, and you only have six months to use up all of your PTO. Pack your stuff!

Because we want you to go, but not fall into the summer travel trap, we consulted some travel experts from major travel companies and hotel chains to ask the tough questions: Where to go in July?

Read on for answers from our experts, including Brian Povinelli, SVP Brand, Loyalty and Portfolio Marketing at Marriott International and Brian Sparacino, President and CEO of Rebel Hotels, for answers, and deals on flight and hotel bookings. Let him find Brian before you escape in July 2023.

  • The most popular travel destinations in July 2023
  • Unmissable holiday destinations for July 2023
  • Tips for when to book a trip in July and other summer vacations

The most popular travel destinations in July 2023 © Courtesy of The New York Post Getty Images / iStockphoto

Deciding where to go can be the hardest part, after confirming the date and of course the PTO. Leave your goals for 2023 to our experts and you won’t be disappointed. We asked Marriott’s Pavinelli and Rebel’s Sparacino where they saw the hot trends for 2023, then did the dirty work of finding the top-rated hotels and accommodations you won’t want to miss.

Povinly Choice:

“Resorts and cities are becoming more attractive to travelers this summer,” says Povinelli. “Those places are flat, waterfront (or lake or bay), slow-paced, and allow travelers to immerse themselves in a simple lifestyle. Sausalita, Montauk, Maui, Nantucket, Tahoe, and Chesapeake are just a few places that offer tourists. All they want is nostalgia..

Sausalita, California : This northern city sits directly across from San Francisco, making it a quiet vacation and vacation town on the water. We recommend staying at Cavallo Point, a 4.5-star hotel in Sausalito overlooking the ocean and minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Montauk, New York They call us the Hamptons. For a break from city life, head to suburban Hampton, where you’ll find Montauk, a seaside paradise. We love the Gurney Montauk and Seawater Spa for the views and private beach, or you can rent a house and have your own private condo.

Maui, Hawaii: Who doesn’t love Hawaii? For a luxury stay, Wailea Beach Resort is the perfect choice for those looking to be close to the beach with the best amenities in the country. You can check out these discount resorts for 20% off stays at Royal Lahaina Resort and Bungalows.

Nantucket, Massachusetts : Is there an elephant in the room? Not really, but we love the White Elephant Hotel for our dream riverside getaway.

Sparacino’s choice:

“The ‘sugar level’ for destinations not covered by the Covid mandate for international travel will begin to rise in 2022,” Sparsino said. “The focus has shifted from the modest American Southeast to prominent internationals such as London, Paris and Italy. The increase in demand means that airline and hotel prices will increase rapidly.

London, UK You can’t go wrong in London. For historic pet-friendly hotels, with easy access to major tourist attractions, St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London is also located in King’s Cross.

Paris, France: If you’re in Paris like Emily, why not give it a try. Hotel de Crillon is an ideal base minutes from the Tuileries Gardens, the Champs Elysees and the Louvre.

Italy: We know it’s a whole country, but every Italian city is beautiful in its own way, so we thought you should see them all. Check out the best holiday travel packages covering destinations like Rome, Florence and Venice, including hotels and transport.

Unmissable holiday destinations for July 2023 © Courtesy of The New York Post Getty Images / iStockphoto

If you want to go somewhere off-the-beaten-track or have a more unique story to tell your colleagues when you get back, we want to know some predictions for 2023 about unknown or future destinations.

Povinly Choice:

“We’re seeing travelers flock to the Mediterranean this summer, but in a different way,” says Povinelli. “Today, travelers choose road trips to see the beaches, to see the beautiful Italian cities and the French countryside. In addition to France, Italy, Spain, travelers are planning itineraries that pass through less explored destinations in southern Europe, such as Portugal, Turkey and Croatia.

Portugal : Portugal is a beautiful country for food, culture and sea. You can travel from Lisbon and stay at Hotel International Design, which has a lilac facade and historic charm in the city center. Or choose Porto or Porto in English and stay at the riverside Torrel Avantgarde with pool, wildlife views and free breakfast.

Turkey : We hope you have a hunger for travel. Turkey is ideal for adventurers, first in the capital city of Istanbul at the JW Marriott Istanbul Bosphorus before traveling to Cappadocia with a stay at the Mitra Cave Hotel with its famous hot air balloon views.

Croatia For more adventurous adventurers, our experts have chosen Croatia as the ideal travel destination. Head to the Dalmatian Coast and stay at Le Meridien Lav in Split to enjoy views of the coast and surrounding islands.

Sparacino’s choice:

“His favorite backyard is Cape May, New Jersey. Victoria’s seaside town and best kept secret since 1700. It has everything: beautiful white sand beaches, independent shops, hotels and a lot of history,” says Sparasino.

Cape May, NJ For a less touristy but just as beautiful getaway, head to Cape May. The city is just over 2.5 hours from New York City, and while you stay at the Grand Hotel Cape May, you can rent a private apartment for you and your group or a hotel on the beach.

Tips for when to book a trip in July and other summer vacations © Courtesy of The New York Post Getty Images / iStockphoto

They both agreed to order Brian first!

“I think we’ve all heard that travelers are planning more and more in response to the winter 2022 travel buzz. As a result, we’re seeing travelers who booked a year ago also travel in 2024. To start planning for winter 2023,” Povinelli said.

However, if you book now, keep in mind that there are still good deals available if you pay special attention to discounts on travel sites, or perhaps opt for domestic travel or choose a location where prices are going up during the season. It is low and there are less tourists, they often come in July.

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