The Super Mario Bros Movie Review Wackily Eccentric Gamer Guys Fall Flat On Screen

As Dungeons and Dragons proves, Movies And TV series based on games don’t have to be scary. Glory be to Thieves and even our last Angry Birds movie wasn’t that bad. Usually the trick is basing the game on the movie, not the other way around. But this massively delayed, high-profile new animated film is boring and flat in every way, sadly matching the 1993 live-action version. Visually, it is fresh, it reminds me of European cartoons to some extent and it is completely rigid for the plot. point of view. , surprisingly lacking in actual comedy lines.

It is based on the global video game phenomenon born out of Kyoto video game giant Nintendo in the 80s, with Italian-American plumbers Mario and Luigi. Dostoyevsky invented the video game The Dimitri Brothers because even though “Mario” is not their last name, they call themselves Super Mario Bros. The film follows Mario (voiced by Chris Pratt) and his brother Luigi (Charlie Day), an ancient and self-confident Brooklyn plumber who only uses silly and offensive Italian voices for their commercials.

They are transported to an unimaginable Oz-like world in the sewers of New York; In the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario must bravely rescue Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy) from Bowser (Jack Black), an evil fire-breathing turtle who has captured Luigi and intends to marry Peach. The princess and Mario must enlist the help of Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen) and Kong’s army.

At the beginning, there is a crazy and creative 2D obstacle slide sequence that accidentally sticks to the game, but after the brothers leave the planet Earth, the game dimension has to be repeatedly included in the story, which is difficult and boring. . Interestingly, since screenwriter Matthew Vogel was working on The Lego Movie 2, unlike The Lego Movie 2, there was a strict no-fuss, humor, or self-referencing. The only difference is Bowser’s appearance. Playing powerful beats on the piano. Even Super Mario fans can enjoy the game.

Super Mario Bros. was released in Australia and the US on April 7 and in the UK on April 5.

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