How I Travel: Mignonne Gavigan

A defining moment in Mignonne Gavigan’s career came when she least expected it. She used to work in the garment industry and fell in love with a piece of jewelry while trying on vintage embellished dresses. SP He took Gavigan and tied him around the neck. On her way home from downtown Manhattan, she received many compliments about the necklace. From there the aha moment and the original idea for the Cute Gavigan design was born.

In 2014, Gavigan launched his own brand. Her collection started with a single necklace and has since evolved into fine jewellery. The iconic styles include embroidered and beaded shawl collars, statement pendants, statement earrings, necklaces and detailed bracelets. A feminine design perspective, Gavigan is born from a love of art, nature, architecture and textiles, and her pieces are based on 100 years of technical heritage.

As with the brand’s global appeal, Ms Gavigan never hesitates to travel or plan a trip, visit retailers, find partners or find inspiration for her next collection. Here he describes his travel checklist, down to the drinks on board and the earring he won’t leave behind.

Maggie Gavigan Travel Info:

My destination airline: Delta

Favorite seat on flights: Anything near the front and windows please!

My favorite bottled drink; Sparkling wine.

My Favorite Airport/Terminal: The new Delta Terminal at LaGuardia.

When I got on the plane, I met – I can use my headphones and wifi until it boots up.

Here’s how I travel: I prefer to wear it during the day so I can go straight to the meeting after resting. Lately I’ve been wearing Levi’s, a belt from my trip to Guatemala last year, Ulla Johnson booties and a Mignon Gavigan jacket made especially for me when we started.

My luggage includes the following A Notebook, sketchbook, calendar, nuts, water.

Pieces I wore everywhere: My Delfina Mini Earrings, Odyssey Necklace, Mini Medallions, Lottie Earrings, Rosé Champagne Earrings.

My Flying Soundtrack: Pandora Station Camp, Mandolin Orange, Susan Tedeschi, Tyler Childers.

This is what I love most about flying. I can take short breaks from the hustle and bustle, take a few deep breaths, close my eyes and relax. In an always-on world, it’s great to have moments when you’re not.

The worst thing about flying It’s a delay when people are waiting for you, but to be honest, I’m very lucky to see so many people.

Here’s my one stop flying hack: Get the fastest security, TSA, removal, etc. All licenses are granted by him. It’s worth it..

As soon as I rest: Especially my phone, I checked that I didn’t forget anything. I am type 1 diabetic and check my blood sugar every minute. I recently left a suitcase full of my favorite beauty products in my rental car, which added an unwanted adrenaline rush.

As soon as I entered my hotel room: It’s fully on. I fold and hang clothes, store them in drawers and shelves. Getting rid of everything is a reason for me.

My favorite hotel in the world: Le George V in Paris, France.

My favorite city in the world Istanbul is Turkey. I am planning a trip to Morocco this summer and I think it will be a new favorite.

The assistant knows what I’m choosing: Easy and delicious cooking.

It is my favorite hotel memory. Dine at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong and watch the light show over the city. It was good.

I overcame jet lag Planning my trip at noon and going straight to bed. A good night’s sleep helps. It doesn’t win, but it starts!

Here’s my top travel tip: Pack only what you need. Traveling light is the best and easiest way. Carry a handbag just so you don’t lose your luggage. Put on your clothes first. See if you can wear jeans again and maybe choose different tops. I keep toiletries in my suitcase so I don’t forget anything.

c.marchuska spring/summer 2010 collection

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